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MY daughter just finished her 9th treatment, her oncologist is giving her the go ahead to quit as there is no proof that 12 treatments work any better than 6 .

has anyone else done this , we agree with her!

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The medical practice is to keep one in the toxic level for as long as posible up to twelve treatments. This changes for Stage IV patients. . I could do no more then ten treatments.  I did not think I would take eleven. (FolFOX)


Get on a good diet, like the Med Diet. Exercise. Get mentally healthy.  This will do a lot to fighting cancer. Look up the super foods.  Add those to your diet as many as you can fit in each day. Juicing adds a lot of micro and macro nutrientets that you can not get from a pill.  We fight cancer on so many levels, that to add one ore level to the arsenal is a good thing. 


Best Always,  mike 

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we agree ,she changed her diet the day she was diagnosed  gluten free dairy free sugar free and organic , and she does do some of the (non toxic) treatments here in canada ,some from Germany. She does some juicing ,

 she did have stage 4 ,  after her liver surgery  her cea level dropped to a low normal range. was yours stage 4?


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I did ten full dose folfox treatments and two with just the 5fu. I was uncomfortable discontinuing the oxalplatin but was assured that ten was fine and any benefit todroning more was nominal in comparison to the side effects. Why not do the next few ith just the 5 fu, which is the backbone and main component to the chemo anyways. 5fu is a walk in the park compared to the folfox. 

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she decided this is the last one and she will build up her body with iv c mistletoe diet and exercise.

good to hear you are doing well! How ofter will you have mri?

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I have improved how ieat, added more exercise, supplements and mistletoe injections. My last scan at the end of April, whicwasabout six weeks off chemo was Ned. Mynext scan is four months from the last which is the end of August. I'm a little stressed aboutwaiting four months. My oncologist said that we may go to six months after the next one, but I am not comfortable with that. I'd like yo stick to the four months for a while. 

Im glad to hear your daughter is doing so well. How often does she do the vit c iv? I have considered this, but haven't decided if itit's worthwhile. I read some positive studies, however, they were based on two doses per week. It's a big commitment, especially financially. 


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4 1/2 years of stage IVb colon CA met to the liver. 3 1/2 yrs of of Folfiri with a few 3mo breaks, 6 mo of Folfox, and now 6 mo of Erbitux.  98 total cycles of chemo over the last 4 1/2 years, and I still feel just as good as when I first walked in.  Yes, I get fatigued easily but I recover within a few hours and back to work.  I hope your results are better than mine, but everyone is different. Every day is a blessing. I love my nurses and doc, and I actually look forward to chemo every week so I can see my friends and share some laughs. It's not a great way to live, but I can still make the most of what I do have. keep a good attitude and enjoy the life you have now.  It's not all luck, it's what you make of it.

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My husband was diagnosed stage II in December, started the 12 cycle Folfox treatment in January.  One of the other oncologists in the group mentioned they are now studying 6 vs. 12 Folfox for Stage II, but it is not yet recommended.  He got 5 full Folfox before having another obstruction and ending up back in the hospital.  Now has had 3 treatments of just 5FU with leucovorin, with 4 more to go.  No more oxaliplatin.  5FU is the key for the 12 treatments for his cancer.  He would have liked any of the oncologists to say "You're done" but we have asked about it several times.  They will only discontinue treatment if he has another serious side effect so he is planning on finishing 12.  The side effects on just 5FU are much more tolerable, he's mostly tired and has joint pain, no more neuropathy or super cold sensitivity.

Ultimately, it is her decision (which sounds like she has already decided) and taking control of your diet and life is fantastic, but knowing it may come back or that the 12 treatments may have helped her more will always be in your mind.

I am only the caregiver, so I can't say what I would do in her situation.  Good luck

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There's no proof or guarantees. All you can do is to do the best you can...

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I have just finished 9 infusions of FOLFOX and 5FU, now I'm up for radiation and 6 weeks of continuous 5FU.  I feel awful after nine FOLFOX, and I'm glad that part of the treatment is over. 

Its always a good to have options, but its also good to listen to the advie of you Oncologist. 

Good luck!

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