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Another question....

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Joined: Feb 2013

I have yet another question, & I may have already asked it but can't remember......Has anyone here had Stage 4 Colon Cancer & were told that surgery wasn't an option because of the size of the tumor or how much it may have spread, only to take chemo treatments which shrunk the tumor enough to be able to have the surgery after all?

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They told me up front, I would NEVER qualify for surgery.  I had a liver/colon/ureter  resections done 10 months after that.  I was turned down by two cancer boards, but my onc having faith sent me to amother onc who talked separately to three surgeons and they all said yes.  That surgery has given me so far two extra years (I was given 4 to 6 months with chemo originally) and no chance of surgery.

Winter Marie

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Joined: Feb 2011

It would all depend on where the spread is.     Some with spread to liver can become resectable.   I have mets in other places and apparently surgery will not help me,  as my onc. puts it, in the fat between the bowel loops.   So far chemo. is the only option given to me for this.  I did have a colon resection and hysterectomy originally, so the main tumor in my colon is gone,  and I've had a colonoscopy and it was completely normal.....it's the other spread that is continuing to give me grief.  

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Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

Those were all the places that tumors showed up that the cancer had spread to, not just liver for me, still got surgery In 2010,

Last fall had cancer show up again, thorax (two tumors) lung, liver, colon and somewhere near the uterus, but they can't seem to figure where exactly it is, not in uterus.  Getting my second resection on May 23rd.

Winter Marir

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Joined: Sep 2012

Hi Winter. Hope I'm not being too nosy. What kind of surgery are they doing on the 23rd? Just a liver resection or other areas as well?


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Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

Just a liver resection and he said he would poke around and see if he saw anything else he should take out.  Looks like May 23rd, not sure until scheduler calls on Monday.

Winter Marie

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I was initially inoperable due to the location of one of my liver tumors. It was right on my hepatic artery. The good news was my Onc had a plan which made sense to me and I followed it. After 5 months of Avastin the main problem tumor shrunk enough so I became operable.

My first Onc gave me no hope, he just wanted to operate first with no plan for trying to cure me. Thankfully I got a second opinion and we've always had getting rid of my disease as the goal. She never told me that this couldn't be done and has always had other options if needed.

I know this isn't how things always go and I know I've been fortunate to have her as my Onc. Plus, I've  responded well to treatments. My outlook has always been someone has to be in the group that responds to treatments. Why not me?

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