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Just wishing Sue the best on her scan tomorrow. I know how she feels with the waiting, but what else can we do. Again, the BEST of luck and will be thinking of you.  John

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Thanks buddy...I finally got Lizzie back today after not watching her for so long when I was sick. So... she has totally taken my mind off of the scan. I see my Onc on the 19th to go over the scan, so there's still that darn waiting time AFTER it's done. I do however have them mail my results to me, so I usually have a general idea how things look before I ever go to the doctor....(probably by Friday or Sat) I'll let you know. Tell Joyce "Good Luck" tomorrow with her surgery...she will be in my prayers. Sue


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I wish you all the best for your scan tomorrow and I hope you manage sweet dreams tonight. Also, I'm sorry you have to wait so long before going over the results. Typical though, right?

Hugs and prayers for you. . .


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We'll be thinking of you too.  We are hoping the results will be good and anxious to hear too.  Try to relax  ha ha.........with prednisone!?  B&B

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Sue, good luck with your scan.  Super big hugs to you as always and thank you for being here for all of us.


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That's a longtime to wait but I hope the results will be clean and you'll be worry free I hope for many...  yrs to come... Lots of luv

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hope it all goes well today!

a big hug,


Anonymous user (not verified)

I always go to the radiology center next day and pick up the report and CD with all the images. Just call ahead and swing by and pick it up. I trust my Dr but always like to verify. As Reagan so elegantly put it"trust but verify". I also like having all my scans on the pc in case I change doctors forany reason. They are mortal too!

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Sue.....best of luck with your scan...you will be in my thoughts and prayers



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  I think I am more nervous than you are about your scan LOL.  Anyway Joyce says thank you for your wishes and right back atcha. John

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Good Luck Sweet Sue,
I will be saying a special prayer for you, you help so many here it's the least I can do for you! Sending a warm Hug to you and many positive thoughts your way! Take care


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Good Luck Sue on your scan, I pray that all comes back with great news!!!

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