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Is it possible to get better at Hospice

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My BIL was moved to hospice 1 week back...his condition was really terrible when he was at the hospital...he is still not doing great but it looks like he is getting better..when i say getting better he still cannot talk but once in a while he utters a word...he stays up most of the time and sleeps at regular hours...he smiles when he sees people he knows...

Is this because he is now completely off the strong medication..Has anyone experienced this..is it possible that the cancer will not come back


His Oligodendroglioma cancer has spread to the spine and also as per the doctor the cancer cells have spread all over his meningis


Its very confusing...Doctors said they cannot give him anymore Chemo or radiation...I hope we made the right decision to move him to hospice..


Does anyone have any experience where they took their loved one to hospice and brought them back home..Thanks


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they are usually "right on", recommending hospice.  I have found so much information reading these brain cancer posts.  One that may be of help to you is www.brainhospice.com.  Perhaps they have observed some of the subtle signs of the body shutting down from this disease.  It is hard information to read and "accept".  I need to read it again because my Mother is suffering a metastasis to the brain from lung cancer.  The lung cancer is fine.  It is the brain cancer that will kill her.  Nothing they can offer is a cure:  surgery, radiation, chemo -- it always comes back.  Our hospice days are ahead, I feel certain.  I'm so sorry for your brother-in-law, how unfair.  I've been so distraught -- modern medicine can do so much -- face transplants, working limb replacements, organ transplants galore and yet they cannot even come close to a cure for this disease.  The treatments are horrible, the drugs are horrible, and death is imminent, regardless.  You fight it -- you suffer -- you don't fight it, you suffer -- and then die.

Best wishes to you and your family,


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Hi Jalu with great sadness I have to say that my BIL died this morning ....only when we thought he is smiling and trying to converse this happened..i cant beleive and we are in a state of shock...i just feel so bad...he was smiling last night and it was all so quick this morning...I dont understand brain cancer and i pray no one ever gets it...he had metastasis of the brain and his cancer had spread to his spine..I am sure that finally it killed him...we could not let him go through another chemo..I hope there is an end to this suffering that people have to go through and you are right.....You fight it you suffer and you dont fight it you suffer...he was in the hospital for the past 4 months...finally he is releived of all the pain...he was not supposed to die at 29...its so unfair...


Wish you all the best for your mother..i hope you and your family have the strength to fight this deadly disease

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But you are so right..."finally he is relieved of all the pain" and suffering.  Thank you for your best wishes which we will need.  February 26th, we have an MRI and an appointment with her oncologist who is recommending whole brain radiation therapy -- the beginning of the end...

You've got it behind you now...our saga is just beginning.  I can only hope suffering is minimal and ultimate death comes fast.  

Thanks again! 

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I am very sad to hear that your BIL passed away.I can't believe how quick he has gone.When you ask about Avastin knowing his age is only 29, I was hoping for a lot more time. And you said he was up an dsleeping at regualr hours (I could visualize the smile on his face and the hope on all the family members!). I am  so sorry. All I can say to you at this time is that the people who have left us are in a happy peaceful place.In my new found view,people we love died to benefit us, to make us more loving compassioante people and make best use of the days that are granted to us until we complete our journey and join them. My husband left me 8 months ago and I miss him so much.He was 52 years old.I never thought about a life without him by me (my husband always joked I didn't have to worry about anything in life because he wouldn't die before I!). Well, be strong for your family and find comfort in knowing that you have done evrything in your power and submit to God's will.

P.S.I don't know I am helping you in anyway in this most difficult time.I just wanto share in your sorrow. 29 years is too young.

Take Care!


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Hi Rani thankyou so much for your kind words...I am so sorry for your loss as well....


We never thought we would lose him like this...he was diagnosed with Oligodendrogliona grade 2 around 6 years ago ...there are people who have live 10 years with that but his tumor grew every 2 years...no one has an answer for this.....

4 months ago he was admitted to the hospital due to vomiting and we thought its some kind of a reaction due to radiation......my family is in india ..the doctor suggested Avastin just because my inlaws did not want to stop the treatment and could not accept but the doctor also said Avastin has a lot of side effects and may not work on him...i live in the US and I tried to contact a lot of doctors here ...but looks like no one has an answer for brain tumor and everyone reacts differently... he never got out of the hospital and he finally died....my heart pains for my inlaws ...he was very near and dear to me...I was able to see him before he died and i am happy about that...his suffering ends now

In this age of modern technology theres nothing that can cure brain cancer...

you are right this changes everyones life forever....I understand that today is what we have in hand and we should learn to respect t hat....makes us a more humble person


Thanks for listening...and thanks for everyones reply...




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