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Had Stage 3 colorectal cancer: 3 years later I'm doing fine

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Hello friends~
Three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer and my world as I knew it changed forever.
Recently I had my routine labs and CT scan and received the "all clear" from the oncologist. Of course I was elated (mild understatement but no one word describes the sense of relief and joy).
I wanted to share this news with you, esp. with the new people on this board, to offer you hope.
I know I'm fortunate to be NED, and I also know the cancer could come back. But for now---today--I am healthy, happy and strong.
This board can at times be very sad and the news can make you feel rather low. I wanted to share my good news to let you know that there can be a brighter future in store for you too.
Always with you all in spirit,

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

We all need to hear the news of NED entering the life of a memeber here, because it means that it is possible.

May your NEDness continue for a life time!


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you so much for posting! I have my yearly scan coming up in January it will be 2 1/2 years since surgery! I'm praying that I get good news too! We shall see. With out stories like yours we would have no hope. Here's to many more years Ned for you! I'm so happy for you!

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for the great news

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That's great news TC.
Don't be so sure it will come back either...
But we should always count our blessings so-to-speak

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Congrats! Thanks for sharing your great news.

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That is such great news. Thank you for sharing with us. We all could use some good inspirational news.

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Good news is always welcome here, Thanks for sharing yours!

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Great News!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

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Wonderful news~ enjoy and rejoice in it!


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We need some positives at the moment. ron.

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yesirreee TC thanks heaps for posting. Every triumph is a big big winner....every NED is a reason for hope and joy

well done TommyCat


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Thanks for the positive news! Love to hear all clear!
Sandy :)

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This is great news TC! I was wondering how you're doing. You just keep being NED!

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Just wondering if there is anything to which you attribute your success? Did you alter your lifestyle or diet? Do you avoid sugar, as many people seem to do? Do you see a naturopath?

Nice to hear such a positive story. Good luck.


Cathleen Mary
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Thank you for letting us share in your good news. I was missing your posts and hoping nothing was wrong. I will pray that NED is not just a guest but a permanent resident. Enjoy NED's companionship!

Cathleen Mary

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Thank you all for your support and kind words.
In answer to the question about altering my lifestyle I have to admit I haven't. Always been inconsistent in exercise and diet.....I like a steak now and then, love my red wine, and don't hit the gym as often as recommended. But I also love fresh fish, playing with my children and laughing with my friends.
Maybe those are counter balances....I don't know.
It's what feels right for me.
Big hugs from California~

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....Always been inconsistent in exercise and diet.....
......"It's what feels right for me"....

Keep doin' what you're doin', it's apparently working
pretty damned good!

Hopes for you, always!


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on your "all clear" and 3 plus years of NED. From a fellow stage 3 rectal survivor (albeit with one little lung thingy since removed).

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Great news and thank you for cheering u up!


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:-) lady who i have never messaged before ;-) a big fat YAY for your news and may it continue!

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thats fantastic :)) wishing you a permanent remission

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great news. thanks for posting as it gives us hope.
hugs judy

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Continued best wishes!

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Thank you for sharing your good news! I was diagnosed with stage 3 September 2011, did xeloda and radiation, surgery and xeloda again. Finished treatment Sept 2012. What a year but last CT and PET were clear. I plan to enjoy everyday, every minute, every second. I am counting my blessings and hope to someday be able to post good news as you have.


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I was also diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer 3 years ago. I have just recently joined this board. It has been a hard road but I am healthy and happy also. Hugs to of you!

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I'm gearing up for my surgery which is in a month and some nights I'm up until 3am (like tonight).  I'm clinging to posts like this.  I am trying to think good thoughts but the nagging stage I to stage III in just 9 weeks but we're not sure if it was there or wasn't or what will be or what will not be takes its toll.  It's amazing how much of this is a guessing game even to doctors who deal with this all the time. Thanks for the post, it's very encouraging!!!

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