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really bummed out

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thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and 5 days after being disconnected from my pump i still have terrible gas pain and a mouth full of sores!! im on my 6th round of folferi, 5 fu, camptosar and lukevorion....spelled wrong, sorry!! needless to say, i wont be mowing down food....my appitite is gone probley because everything i put in my mouth is so painfull, 4 years of having cancer and this is the worse its been,thats with 2 colon resections and chemo radiation....energy zapped,what a dif. a year makes last year was fantastic.....sorry about the rant but im really depressed that i wont be able to enjoy the day like i like!!! hope all of you have a great holiday and are feeling well!!!! CANCER SUCKS!!!!!

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I can relate.. whem my mouth sores got bad.. they pulled back the 5FU portion of the treatement and I have been off that ever since.
I hear there is a miracle mouthwash that can be perscribed..though just regular crest mouthwash seemed to help be out.
Good luck and hope you can find something to enjoy on thursday..

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that cancer sucks! sorry thanksgiving may not be good but celebrate that you are alive! even tho you are hurting, try to hang on to the thought that hopefully tomorrow will be better. i know how it is to be around people who are enjoying their food & i am having a horrible time. does not seem fair!!! and the energy level can be troubling when you are trying to do things. i always wonder if i will be like that the rest of my life then i have a couple of good days. i know where you are coming from & i wish i could take away your pain. praying that you get better.

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I got dried Ginger root, and candied dried ginger. They helped me a lot when I felt like I could not take food. A Zinfandel Port also helped me have an appetite again. I did not need more then glass and many times just half of a glass did my stomach well.

Best Always, mike

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Sorry :( Cancer does suck...I find nothing positive about it and I'm sorry you won't be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I hope they find something that helps with your mouth sores. Have you tried gasx for the gas pains? Can you have a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner when you have more of an appetite?

Hang in there.

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Can you move Thanksgiving or have another one when you're better - you will feel better. Cancer does suck - luckily for most of us - and I hope you're one of them - the bad days are the minority. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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I agree! You can have Thanksgiving any time of the year :) think positive (try) what you are going through now may allow you to have one heck of a feast on Christmas :) :).

I'm praying for you. (have some homemade gravy---yum).


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Wondering if you are feeling any better and if you were able to enjoy thanksgiving? Hope so!

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