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Great news!

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Update with great news!

laura25's picture
Posts: 178
Joined: Mar 2011

I have unbelievable news. 6 weeks ago, I had a scan done that showed a mass on my lung and a lymph node that lit up. My Onc/Gyn said the cancer was back and I needed to go to a thoracic surgeon to get a biopsy. The Thoracic Dr took a look and said wait 3 weeks and rescan... there was a chance this might be an infection. I just got back from my Doctor and the mass is gone! No new findings!!!! The PET scan reacted to an infection, not cancer! Thank you all for the support and kindness.

Posts: 1584
Joined: Jun 2012

Laura, this is wonderful!!! Hurrah! I am, however, so sorry you and your family had to go through these weeks of trauma.


debrajo's picture
Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

Wonderful, wonderful news! God IS good! Best, debrajo

txtrisha55's picture
Posts: 696
Joined: Apr 2011

Great news! Always wonderful to hear that it is nothing. Congratulations. trish

Posts: 43
Joined: Aug 2012

This is wonderful news. I know you and your family are so relieved.

Kaleena's picture
Posts: 2064
Joined: Nov 2009

Happy for you Laura! Funny how we can get excited over an infection! lol Glad everything turned out great for you.


sunflash's picture
Posts: 197
Joined: Aug 2011

Such good news........wow! Celebrate big!!

daisy366's picture
Posts: 1493
Joined: Mar 2009

Tremendous news.

Posts: 683
Joined: Apr 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Thank god. Time for changes, Live life to the fullest and put God first in every thing you do. God bless and continue loving your family and be well for a long time.

Ro10's picture
Posts: 1579
Joined: Jan 2009

What great news to celebrate. So happy you got good news.

Posts: 130
Joined: Feb 2011

That is great news! You must be so relieved! I am very happy for you. Time to celebrate!


Fayard's picture
Posts: 438
Joined: May 2011

Great news!

Posts: 471
Joined: Feb 2011

So happy to hear that what had seemed to be a recurrence was just an infection.

Enjoy and bask in this great news!


Posts: 27
Joined: May 2010

Glad to hear that the news was positive-kinda funny to be happy to have an infection, but better than the alternative!

Posts: 130
Joined: Mar 2011

I am so happy for you and your family!!! Wonderful news indeed. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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