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A right upper lobe spiculated nodule was found on a ct scan of my neck I had after a car accident. My mother died of lung cancer when I was 19 so I was freaked out. My regular doctor told me protocol is to wait 3 months - 50, smoke,overweight, family history- I thought there is no way I am waiting. Pulmonary doc measured it at 8-10mm. I just had the pet scan today. I've spent the interim time between finding out about it and today, about 4 weeks, looking up spiculated lung nodules online and I must say it doesn't look optimistic. I have no idea what to expect next. I did read some posts which gave me hope (thank you thank you). I am a single mom of two boys - one just started college and the other is a 16 year old with aspergers and tourettes. I am afraid to tell them anything because I don't want to upset them and distract them. I have no SO, my parents are both dead and my siblings live far away. I feel alone and afraid.

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So sorry you have to deal with this added stress. You have come to a great place and you are so welcome here.

The reason they are not biopsying that spot is that it is too small to biopsy even if the procedure was done with CT or ultrasound guidance. Right now they would likely miss it and results would be a false negative. Please know too that it is not cancer until the biopsy says that it is. You have enough to worry about without borrowing trouble (OMG, I am channeling my grandmother). Know too, that the statistics are based on outcomes of treatments that do not include current targeted therapies. The data are not all in on those because new modes of treatment and targeted chemos are being developed and in trials. Next you question is what comes from here.

In three months they will do another CT. If it appears that there has been growth they will do a PET Scan. If the SUV (standard uptake value) of the observable mass is high enough they will do a bone scan, brain MRI and biopsy. When the results are In a plan will be made for treatment. For most oncologists in large hospitals it is routine to test for the three biggest cell mutations. If it is cancerous, get an oncologist who specializes in lung cancers.

Please write back with any more questions you have. We will all try to answer to the best of our availability. Also, please let us know what happens.

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Please try to remain calm, if only for your children. I was told to biopsy a nodule it had to be at least 1cm. The nodule I had was in the lower left lung and measured just over 1cm. I had a lobectomy. That was just over 4 years ago. I feel great, They caught it very early. I am stronger than I have ever been, working out etc. I didn't receive any chemo or radiation. Just stay on top of things, keep your appointments and if it does turn out to be cancerous, you will deal with it. It is very difficult to understand that you may be very lucky to have caught it very early if indeed it is cancer. But remember most people do not catch it early enough. God bless


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