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Natalie Karen Wilson

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My name is Brandy. Our daughter Natalie was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor Cancer last year. My family has had a big history of cancers. I spent my entire life wathcing my mom struggle with MS. She died in 2007. I gave birth to a daughter that I named Natalie Karen Wilson. My mother was Karen. Natalie was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor cancer on Sept. 1st 2011. My 11 year old woke up one morning with Naalie and noticed blood in her diaper. I took Natalie to her doctor that delivered her. She thought it was a UTI. Uninary Track Infection. A week later we were scheduled for a Specialist. One hour before that appointment, Natalie passed a huge blood clot the sixe of a baseball. We rushed her to Childrens hospial. They gave her an ultrsound, and I knew right away something was wrong. They only paid attention to her right kidney. She had a tumor in her right kidney that they later determined was a Wilms Tumor. What was upsetting is I asked the nurse if she was going to live? They said they didn't know. Natalie had sugery the next day that lasted 6 hours...her right kidney being removed. Natalie underwent 6 days radiation and 26 weeks of chemo. And a port. She has not once shed a tear or complained throughout any of this. She asks every week... "Can I go see my doctor". Children's Hospital says she is the best 2 year old ever to workk with. When radiology wanted to put her under cause she was only 2, her doctor said there was no need. They said did you see her age? Her doctor said trust me, you will have no issues.
My grandfather died of Colon cancer and my grandmother died of Lung cancer. My other grandmother died of Hodtchkins disease.
You think god would give you a break in life. My mother died on April 23, 2007 at 3:37pm. Natalie was born on April 23, 2009 at 3:37pm. She has my mothers strength. My mother never once complained of a needle and always told people she could do something they told her she couldn't do. My Natalie is just like my mother.
Natalie recently had part of her right lung removed due to a possible tumor. They say that is the worst pain for anyone. But again, Natalie not an whimper from her. I wish I could be her and have her strength. She is my hero, she is my inspiration, and she is what makes me he person I am today. I cannot say I will ever be as strong as that little one, but I can sure as hell say that I am her mother, and I can tell her that "baby.. you get your strength from you grandmother".

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What a great story. How is she doing today??

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