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Sunday checking in

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Hi All

Well, I have made it to Sunday, still keeping it together.
But, boy is it getting hard to do. Seems like the tears just start welling up,and it takes a lot to keep it from becoming a flood.

I'm going to visit our close family friend this afternoon. She is the one I have talked about who is like a second mom to me. She has lung cancer and her hubby has multiple myeloma. I need to tell her what is going on and about the up coming surgery. I hate to tell her and really do not want to cause her any added stress. But it would be so unfair of me to not tell her and have her find out later. She would feel hurt, I am sure of that.

I'll let you know how it went, when I get back.

Have a great Sunday

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Hey Lisha,

Hope it goes well. I think it's best she gets the news from you as hard
as that can be. You know we're here for you.



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Hi Lisha,
Hang in there sweetie...just a few more days(knock on wood)and you will be done with this awful waiting! I hope your conversation with your friend goes well. I'm sure she will appreciate you sharing your situation and including her...she loves you and will want to be there for you. Not much happening with me...yesterday I rested up from the fishing trip and today getting a few chores done before babysitting Lizzy in the morning. It's "hot" here, so we are hunkered down in the house with the air conditioning. No doctor appointments for me until August 21,(next R infusion) so the next 2 weeks I'll be getting things ready for our vacation starting on Aug 4th. Can't wait to get to the river and the cottage on the mountain and be able to just kick back for 2 weeks fishing and doing what we want. I'll miss my sweet Lizzy, but the kids are planning to come down with her on the weekend and spend a few days. Well...need to get something going for diner, so I will talk to you soon. Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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I've sure learned how hard it is to tell your friends about this but I'm certain you can do it with the sensitivity and caring you are well known for on this forum. You keep your head held high Lisha and I'll be there holding your hand on Tuesday. Stay strong sister you've got lots of good vibes coming from a lot of really good people headed your way :). Aaron

miss maggie
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Let the tears flow. It lifts such a burden off you.

I am so sorry about your second mom and her husband. It makes me so sad there are so
many people that are suffering. I am glad you will share your story with those that
really care about you.

Love Maggie

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