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Calling All 4's..

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How many colorectal stageIV's-(mets to lungs,liver,etc) do we have ON csn,what kind of treatment are u recieving,and how many years have you lasted? Oh yes, and how many are NED? Nanuk/ mets to lungs-not growing)/Avastin/Erbitux; no tx 3 months

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Original rectal cancer stage III diagnosed in May 2006. Metasticized 7/07. Stage IV with 1 met to lung and 1 met to liver. Treatment, surgeries, etc from 9/07 - 6/08...12 folfiri treatments, ablation of met to liver, lung surgery. NED as of 8/08 scan.

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My husband was dx w/colon cancer via colonoscopy 05/02/08. Then two mets to liver by CT the following week 05/06/08 making him a stage IV at diagnosis. CEA 2.7 at dx. with 2.5 being upper limit of normal range at this lab. He had a simulataneous hemicolectomy and liver resection on 06/05/08. One of the liver mets was removed by wedge resection and the other, due to location, by radio frequency ablation. Postop pathology results were clear margins in the colon and liver and 0/34 nodes with disease. He began chemotherapy 07/07/08 with Oxaliplatin and Xeloda, 3 week cycle including the 1 week of rest. He is at the end of cycle 3 of 12. Side effects during first cycle led to a reduction of Xeloda dose from 2000 mg twice a day to 1500 mg twice a day. His white count is falling but hasn't held up his treatment, at least not yet. He is getting 250 mg Oxaliplatin infusions so has a little wiggle room for a dose reduction based on his body surface calulation should it become necessary. He had several episodes of arm pain that led to a total body bone scan a couple of weeks ago but fortunately the results showed no evidence of metastatic disease. His oncologist said they will CT and or PET scan him after three or four cycles to see where he is at and although I'm not sure when that will happen we are hoping and praying he is NED at that time.

These posts are wonderful and have given me great hope -- Thank you for sharing your stories.

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Hi guys, recap: dx at 32 in nov 03. Had colon resection, liver resection, chemo (oxaliplatin, 5fu, leucovorin), rads followed by 13 mos of NED during which time i was taking xeloda. Returned in Jan 06 so second liver resection more chemo (cpt-11, avastin). I have been NED since that surgery in 06 but I also continue to take avastin every two weeks for rest of life i've been told.

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I was dx'd 10-07 Stage IV cc with mets to my ovaries. Had surgery 10-30-07 for what was thought to be ovarian cancer; pathology showed colon cancer. Dec 3, 07, back for surgery again for second primary, adenocarcinoma. Began FOLFOX in Jan 08 and finished in June. I am currently NED!!! I have scans in 2 weeks and am praying for more NED time.

Thanks to all of you for your posts--it is such a source of hope and strength to hear so many survivor stories. I would love to hear if any of you have nutrition, exercise, adjuvant treatments, etc., that you feel have helped. Keep on fighting!


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Husband dxd nov 07 surgery rt side tumor perferated colon wall started chemo end of dec oxyplation 5fu lecorvorin (sorry about the spelling of meds) did that for 6 months chemo was over at the end of may 08 had two spots one on the liver and one on the kidney had biopsys and pet scan in july saw doc he said the cancer has spread to the stomach liver and kidney with a new tumor in the sigmoide area of the colon . at first they said he was a 3c but now the doc says he was a stage 4 from the get go. to much cancer everywhere is on erbitux 5 fu and camptosar every week. he has an agressive cancer now. praying that the chemo will work to shrink the cancer will no more in two month after the pet scan.


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I was diagnosed June 30 2011 with stage 4 rectal, colon, and 3 mets to liver that dr/surgeon said I had 12 months or so maybe a bit more with treatment. After a few more sessions and questions and then researching him on the grapevine and Internet I then asked my oncologist for another opinion and another dr, I found out that he was old school. The surgeon I went to then was Damien Petersen whom I hold high respect for. He was tuned up with the latest techniques and was extremely knowledgeable, I then found out that I had familial polyposis which is thousands of polyps, I had about 5 tumours in the bowel to rectum and 2 tumours in the liver, prior to this we settled on a house to renovate in may, I was very fit, (I raced a pushbike) I thought I had a hemmaroid and maybe ibs my gp who I cycle with thought it may be a good idea to have a check as I'm nearly at the age they reccomend it. I was 38. I went on oxalyplatin xeloda for 3 mths then had a break for surgery after much debate between my oncologist, bowel surgeon and recommended nick o'rourke (who's father was a brilliant dr) they did the liver surgery first. I kept riding up to this point and had a week in hospital in late sept then in mid dec I had my whole bowel removed and now have an ileo bag they did all this via lap surgery. Went back on chemo oxalyplatin xeloda and now avastin I got back on my bike in feb finding I had lost some fitness....can't work out why.... must be chemo brain.
I ride when I feel ok which is 1-5 times a month I'm able to do my favorite ride on sat which is about 50k and includes a coffee shop visit the others are about 30k. My fiancé to which I'm eternally grateful to who has supported me through all of this and cried nearly every day ( if I ever saw it I would say my head hurts from the shovel and I'm suffocating from the dirt... Stop it I'm not going to die this is just like a bad flu) Katie has got me up on water skis at Easter. I got NED in may and am having another scan next month.. I still don't think I will die and am almost fully recovered. Ps we finished our Reno and have sold ( I did what I could between chemo sickness and surgery we had some help and i slept a lot, we did a full makeover kitchen, bathroom, floor, paint and I built a deck, I started on that after surgery) DON'T GIVE UP ON ANYTHING!!! FIND YOUR INSPIRATION AND KEEP YOUR MOJO!!

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although my doc has never given me a specific stage. But my cancer is considered metastatic, with lymph node involvement, and multiple spots on the colon, small intestine, peritoneum, and in the abdominal cavity between the uterus and rectum. I've done FOLFOX, Avastin, and carbo-taxol, none of which were effective, and many surgeries. Dx Sept. 2009, finally got a NED scan March 2012.
EDIT: Just saw the date on the original post...oops!

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I am currently, NED. First diagnosed in 2004, liver resection. 5yrs clear, than mets to liver. liver resection and chemo. i think 1 year clear, then another met to liver. another resect and 8 months of xeloda. ended in nov. 2010. so far so good. a pet scan scheduled for july,13.
I don't keep track of all the chemo and dates. it's written down and i grab the info when i need it. I get through what i have to do and then move on. I am terrible with dates anyway.
The bottom line is, i feel great, am living my life and enjoying every minute.
good luck to you.
edit: Lord i feel dumb. i/ we are so anxious to help, I/we never read date

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You sound like my kind of girl!! Like Mame said" life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. LOL

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Yep I missed seeing the date too.
Winter Marie

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Dx Stage 4 April 2009 with metasastic disease to colon, liver and lungs. Had primary tumour removed. Completed chemo -oxil,zeloda, avastin and erbiutx. Kept tumours under control but from Nov 2011 increased met disease evident. No further treatment and enjoying quality life, having symptom management. Currently under Silver chain home nursing and NO MORE hospitals. Have decided to die at home under peaceful settings and with loved ones around me...

Best wishes to all....Andrew

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Kenny H.
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Dx stage 3b, Radiation, xeloda then rectum removed perm ostomy, 7 nodes positive. Oxy f5u 12 rds after surgery...ok for 6months then mets to lungs (7). On cpt11, Avastin and have shrank nodules. Getting 1st lung surgery in July.

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Than answering a post to those that are deceased.

This is an old, old thread....... Please check dates before responding?

Best wishes,


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as to how the first poster came across this thread in the first place, leading to the rest of us jumping in? Although I do think there may be a FEW things that are "worse" than mistakenly commenting on an old post! Bubonic plague, for starters...Ann

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I did the same thing you did. Read the posts of all the folks diagnosed Stage IV in '06 and '07 and kind of rejoiced at all the "long term" survivors until I saw when the thread originated. I hope they're all still hanging in there and fighting the good fight but it took me a bit to get all straigtened out like you did.

Posts: 52
Joined: Jun 2012

I did the same thing you did. Read the posts of all the folks diagnosed Stage IV in '06 and '07 and kind of rejoiced at all the "long term" survivors until I saw when the thread originated. I hope they're all still hanging in there and fighting the good fight but it took me a bit to get all straigtened out like you did.

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i hear you there...

I read the first 10 posts... and got all pumped up and excited.
but, as i finally looked at the dates, I began to think and pray for all those old posters... knowing that some of them are no longer with us.

What an emotional 20 minutes.

I wish the best for all who are fighting this horrible battle.

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I'm still here....over 10 yrs clear from Stage 4....DON'T LOSE HOPE!

Yes, Bud, the original author of this thread is no longer here. I have no clue who pulled it back up after so many years. Bud was awesome and I'm sure he's looking down, proud that he can still be heard after so many years!!

Best wishes to those still strong in the battle...my heart goes out to you!


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dx 6 years ago. Lots of recurannces but dealt with by surgery. Going in next week and looks like more stuff. I have had liver surgery, 4 lung surgeries, colon surgery, chemo but am still doing well

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Your posts give hope that we newly and veterans diagnosed Stage IV's can have hope for quality of and life extension with all we we do and deal with, be it surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc., family issues.

It amazes me the courage so many have and what they/we face each day or from test to treatment to being in the moment.

Thank you for sharing.


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