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What does everyone do to get going in the morning

garden gal
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Hello everyone just wondering does anyone else find it hard to get going in the morning. Just can't get my mojo going like I used too. Of course I know why, all the chemo and the cancer that seems to have kicked our butts. Takes me awhile to wake up and feel good enough to get my day started. I don't want to waste any time I have. I try to eat good and take supplements. I get a reasonable amount of sleep, except for the trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and some night sweats but I would say not bad. Anyone else feel like this? and any suggestions. Maybe I'm expecting too much or maybe thats a good thing. Love you all Kathy

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I never want to get going in the morning, but in my case, it's depression. The only thing that really works for me is a commitment to be somewhere. A promise to make a phone call will at least make me get out of bed. One thing that that I do sometimes, is put coffee on the night before, programmed for the time I want to get moving. Then, when I wake up, I do not want to miss the hot coffee. I also have a morning routine that I really enjoy (coffee, breakfast, newspaper), but then I often get stuck after that.

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and I thought I was the only one! I am just beat. I wake up and have to get up and out right away because my doggie generally wakes me up and can't wait(to go potty). We go for our walk and usually stop at one of the neighbors for coffee (for me) and pupperoni for the dog. Return home, make breakfast for her and then me, and by that time I am POOPED. Most days I then go back to sleep for a few hours. I think it is the chemo.

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Hi, I went out and got a pedometer, and record my steps all day. I don't record in a journal, just on a lined pad. Every couple of days I try to add more steps. I guess it's the competitive side of me coming out! Now I keep it by the side of the bed and reset every morning before I get up to record every single step. This keeps me going. I love seeing the increased numbers every day. When I was really sick, I could barely manage to walk up and down the (long) hallway of our condo complex. Now I power walk around the neighborhood most days of the week. It's been a long journey, and started with just a few steps. Hope this helps.....

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