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Valentines and chemo

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Happy Valentine's Day to all! I'm wishing this a day early for tomorrow is chemo day for me. Have I mentioned that my husband has just retired? It's wonderful for him, but it's super wonderful for me too. I can now wave my magic wand when the dog needs to go out :)! Seriously, it's so much easier for me on those yucky chemo days.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Happy Valentines Day to you! and have an easy chemo day,
hope you will be ok to have little celebration with your husband.

Tomorrow is our anniversary - 21 years, but it feels sad - as our son is leaving tomorrow for Boot Camp - he joined the Navy. We are Extremely proud of him but now we are empty nested...Anyway - we will try to have quite celebration and have a toast fo our son's success.


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I have chemo tomorrow too - my first carbo/gemzar treatment. Guess I'll wear red and white, and my valentine earrings!

Congratulations on your husband's retirement. It should definitely make your life easier.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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I hope you and your husband enjoy several good years during his retirement! I have maintenance (Avaistan) tomorrow. Best wishes to you!


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Happy Valentine's Day to you to Maria. So glad your husband retired. I know how it is trying to take the dog out when you are so tired. I hope you have a wonderful day inspite of the chemo.

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I get time off from chemo this week. Yay!

Hope everyone who has chemo sails thru their treatments.

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my teal sisters. Hope your day is filled with chocolate. Hope chemo goes well and you are feeling good. My hubby retired too and he does so much for me..cooking,cleaning,laundry,shopping. I just go to work 3 days a week...val

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Hope you get along well this week with your chemo and it's great that your husband will be there to help you. My mom is staying with me and it is nice to have someone to help you out with those extra chores that you just don't feel like getting up to do! I just had my chemo treatment today, so I will be thinking of you as we overcome yet another treatment this week.

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Happy Valentines All!!

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Happy Valentines day to you, Maria, and to all of the brave women on this board.


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