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Will a tooth extraction put my chemo on hold my

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Had a tooth ache, the dentist said I have an abscess in my tooth with the root canal and recommends an extraction. He said my immune system is being comparmised so I was voluable to the tooth abscess, he will call my oncologist Monday to discusses the plan, has anyone been in this situation, being on antibiotics and receiving chemo.
Nothing has been easy foe me.

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Hi, I just read your post and wondered how you are going? Dental problems are never fun but right now is just too much. I don't think it is a problem to be an AB's and having chemo. Cancer patients often have antibiotic therapy for infections. I guess you can be guided by your oncologist. I am seeing my dentist on Tuesday to talk about extraction if I cannot have a damaged tooth repaired. However on Monday I see my gyn onc for results of CT which I am expecting to be bad news so I can relate somewhat to your situation. Take care Irene.

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They put in ports during chemo so hopefully they can extract a tooth. They might try to schedule it when your counts are at their highest (right before your next round of chemo). I had a tooth that was bothering me, extracted right before I started chemo just to avoid having to go through this very thing.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you.

Take care

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I was always told during my treatments, to not have any "major" dental work done. But...if one has an abscess and infection that can spur from the tooth could be detrimental to ones health. Would think having it done under "cautious conditions" would be better then spreading potential infection throughout the body.

As with others, put it in your docs hands to suggest best option.

Best to you!!

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I just had #4 of 6 Chemo treatments, and have had a difficult capped tooth...which might need a root canal or extraction. My oncologist said I might have to suspend the chemo to get it done, but that it is important. It hasn't been bothering me these last 2 weeks however, and I'd like to put it off til my chemo is done.

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I had no choice, it was abscessed, and the oncologist wanted it pulled ASAP. It required oral surgery, it was awful., my chemo was delayed 2 weeks, I'm glad I waited to recoperate.

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