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Metastized Uterine Cancer

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I had ULMS (leiomyosarcoma) in a fibroid removed via hysterectomy last Feb. 14. A node was found in my lung to be cancerous. Removed two weeks ago. I was put on an estrogen inhibitor called Arimidex, one a day. It is a hormone pill. My doctor said this is the treatment she would take for herself if she were in my position. I am hopeful it will work. Is anyone else out there on Arimidex?
Becky H.

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I also take one Arimidex daily, Becky. I now am having hot flashes AGAIN, after being rid of them for so many years.

I also have neuropathy that makes my feet cold much of the time, which, of course, makes my entire body cold. So I am uncomfortable much of the day...either too hot or too cold. Often I have a hot flash while I am all bundled up due to being cold! GRRRR


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Double Whammy
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I've been on it for over a year and have no symptoms, not even hot flashes, but I didn't have any during menopause, either. Oh, maybe little dinky ones now and then.

Some women have a really hard time on Arimidex with joint pains. I hope you're like me and don't have any. Good luck. Lots of threads on Arimidex on the breast cancer board.


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