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Hipec should be stopped

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hipec results were horrible, with an ostomy that leaked contantly. death within less than three months made worse because of hipec results

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Since you have no info on your profile, I have to guess that someone close to you had this procedure and has since died.

There is no way to evaluate your particular situation, but declaring that Hipec should be stopped is a bit much. It may not have benifited your loved one, but there are folks who have been helped by this procedure.

Hoping that you will find peace in your heart.

Marie who loves kitties

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HIpec is definitely a risk. Those who go there should only do so if they are willing to take that risk. My husband and I just got home yesterday from his 17 day stay in the hospital following the procedure. I have no idea what the future will bring but we chose to do everything available to extend his life. HIPEC may or may not be the thing that can do that for us but we are gamblers and you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. Lisa

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I think sometimes that no matter what the treatment, the cancer just ends up being untreatable. But that's something you can know only in hindsight. My sister did very harsh chemo right up to the last two months of her life, and although it didn't work, and it certainly added to her suffering, she was willing to try anything to have a shot at survival. She died knowing that she had tried every option. Again, my condolences. Ann

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