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Hi, I have just started in a clinical drug study program with Revlimid. My doctor seems to think I may be on the drug rather than the placebo by the way my blood tests are reacting.
My question is side effects: Dizziness, headaches, fatigue, tremors and others. Is anyone on Revlimid, and are these associated side effects? Thank-you

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You may want to conside contacting the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with questions regarding side effects of cancer treatments. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I have also just started Revlimid---been on for two months. My white count dropped a bit after the first month, and dropped quite a bit the second (down to 1200) so I am off for a while, and my oncologist is checking with the pharmasist to change the dose. The only side effect I can report are really tight calf muscles and some calf cramps (yeowch) upon waking. Info about the drug did mention muscle cramps as a side effect. Good luck to you.

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how have you been doing? are you off yet? in remission? i will start treatment in about 2 weeks? what was your dose

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I was on Revlimid for 3 months off now cause it interfers in harvesting stem cells. Be my side affect were fatigue and terrible flem I comstantly couged up and that made me sick.But Ive been off Revlimid for 3 weeks and 2 1/2 weeks I was terrible sick lost 7lbs. I think the side affects are different in different people. I also pretty much lost my voice. Had some dizziness but no tremors. Get shaky from the styrods I take. I've lost 35 to 40 because of the Revlimid making me sick.

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Been on 15mg daily dosage since Sept. 2010 after stem cell transplant. I take it at lunch to avoid being fatigued as soon as I begin the day. It also aggrevates the arthritus, but appears to maintain a low cancer cell count in my blood. As long as my blood tests continue to reflaect a low count , I will continue to take it. I was originally on thalidamid, but the side effects were much worse (rashes, skin fungus, etc).

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Hi Jimmy....can u pls tell me if your insurance carrier pays for Revlamid.


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I completed a 4 year clinical trial begining in November 2004. As part of the trial I underwent two stem cell transplants and three years of maintenance chemo. After the trial ended in November of 2008 I began taking a new chemo drug, revlimid 5mg daily. I take my Revlimid at bedtime per doctor's instruction. I do have side effects: cramps in legs and feet and also in my hands. It is not clear to me which drug caused the bulk of this problem. another side effect is fatigue. I get up most mornings ready to go but by noon or shortly thereafter I feel totally exhausted. But it sure has been a good life the past few years. I am now a 7+ year survivor.

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I just celebrated 2yrs since my stem cell transplant. I am on a 10mg maintance dose and also have the same side effects. My doctor has me on 75mg of Lyrica 3 time a day to combat the side effects. It helps but I sometimes have a bad day if I overdo myself and have to be careful not to get too fatigued.

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