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what do we ask the liver surgeon today?

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Good morning,

After 10 days in the hospital with no official dx, Tony was released yesterday. He shows thickening in the small intestine, but onc. did not think it is cancer as it did not show up on previous pet scan. They could not pinpoint if it or what type of infection it may have been.

Well, anyway, in a few hours he has an appt with the local liver surgeon. This is the first time we will see this doctor. I was wondering if any of you could supply me with some questions to ask him. (as my brain is fried!)

Tony had 4 liver tumors and after 2 rounds they have either shrunk considerably or disappeared.

No other chemo planned right now. We will see onc. again on Friday and are going to also get appts at UCLA.

Thank you!

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Glad to hear Tony is out and doing better! The only thing I can think of to ask about would be if there will be a need to remove anything besides a portion of the liver. My resection took all of the right lobe, which is what the gall bladder rests upon...so, my gall bladder had to go along with its "pillow". I wasn't informed before, during or after procedures and only asked them about it after reading info here. I'm told there is no need for the gall bladder and I'm not sure how I feel/think about that, but I do know I don't like having things done to me for which I'm not informed :(

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My only questions to my liver surgeon, were; You can really cut it out? When?
So I can't really advise you, my excitement at having my cancers cut out pretty much filled my head with so much joy, I didn't ask anything other then that, that I can remember.
Fortunately, they give all the info to you (none of which I remember at this moment).
So sorry I couldn't be of help.
Hoping you hear good things tomorrow,
Winter Marie

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