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Happy Birthday Sue!

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Dearest Sue,

This night owl wanted to be the first to wish you a very wonderful and happy birthday.

Wishing you many joys, large and small. Happiness today and always.
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Continued good health and negative scans.

Happy Birthday

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I second that!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope it's a great one. With the birthday falling on a Friday, I say extend it out ALL weekend!!

Take Care,

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Celebrate your day Sue! Happy Birthday!

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Thanks guys,
We are down on the river staying at our get-away cottage up on the mountain. Went out fishing this morning and I caught the first fish...15 pound Coho slamon! "Yeah"! We both caught 2 salmon each..(about 56 pounds of salmon)and are already back at the cottage relaxing. You can view the cottgage in my expression picture file. The weather is fantastic and the scenery is awesome with the trees turning color.Diner out and a cocktail will round out my birthday. This year sure beats the heck out of last years birthday...wow...that was a wild ride last year...ha! We will be home on Sunday.
Thanks again...Love ya all...Sue

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A little late I guess.
Enjoy yourself!

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I was'nt on yesterday but, HAPY BIRTHDAY SUE AND many many MORE, good scans, and a toast to never being sick again enjoy your weekend. blessings denise

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I am so glad to be finally back here after not being in touch for a while to find the wonderful birthday girl doing well! This is my first post... it had been a wild ride for me too My Sept 7th birthday went nicely but quiet. So much to share and little time and energy to do that!

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"HAPPY Belated Birthday" Liz,
I hear ya about last year...many of us had just started our chemo and were staying up all hours of the night from taking the nasty pred!...ha! Remember how goofy I got and my constant 5 days of complaining? Soooo glad that is behind us! Even though we are fishing and away from home, my birthday has been wonderfully peaceful and so enjoyable. Tonight we are sitting here in the cottage with a warm fire going and totally relaxed. It's cold and windy outside, but we are snug as bugs in a rug inside. Back home tomorrow.
Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Thank you, Sue for the good b-day wishes.
I feel like being born again and now I am one year old, ha ha! Life sure is different after cancer. I remember clearly when you were complaining about the pred dread and likewise with my experience dealing with meds - the first 2 months was really terrifying. Most of all, I am glad I did not have to figure out what was wrong with me physically for a year before diagnosis - that was hell for sure! Now I am really enjoying my life - even though, dealing with some physical discomforts (who is getting younger?) and going to work.
I am glad to hear you had a great birthday.

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Happy belated belated. I haven't been on in awhile. After work I just am lazy. Hope it was a great day and this year will be one of great joy and wonderful health. You deserve the best. You give so much to others on this site. Joanie

Posts: 444
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks, Joanie for the good wishes and making me feel good! I love your infectious smile! I like to smile more often, grins!


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