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Lung cancer stage IV

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Hi my mom has be been diagonised with stage IV lung cancer.Doctors have given her 2 years the max.She is undergoing chemo.She had her first shot on 5th of septemter 2011.I would like to know the best diet at this stage,and to what extent the vegetable juices are good.I came across several articles in the web about people surviving cancer with the help of vegetable juices.I don know how far its true(sorry if im being rude),cos our doctors told us not to give her any raw food.Can anyone pls help me in this.thanks in advance

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I'm so sorry about your Mom's diagnosis, and I'm not sure about the best diet, but I know that once I started seeing a naturopath after my conventional chemo and radiation treatments I started feeling so much better. I wish that I had started seeing the naturopath while I was getting my chemo and radiation. The naturopath looked at keeping the rest of my body healthy and supportive of the treatments that was killing the cancer in my lungs. Sometimes it is good to include other than just "conventional" treatments. Good luck to you and your Mom. I'm 2 years out of radiation and 1.5 years out of chemo and I just had good CTs. Don't let them give you a maximum amount of time. Everyone is different.

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i really thank u for ur reply.One more thing i want to know is that she had her first chemo shot 23 days back,but still she is very weak,she in not able to eat properly and she is totally devoid of sleep.Its very hard to see her like this.Are these the affects of chemo??Ours doctor told us that she must be doing lot better from 2nd week of the shot,but its not the case with my mom,she is up sometimes or really very down someother days,why is this??

thanks in advance

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I don't know if it's the chemo or not. The only time I had trouble eating was after radiation and that was because my esophagus was in the field of radiation. I had to force myself to eat at the beginning of chemo, but I did just to keep up my strength. Just a little bit a couple of times a day. I had no trouble sleeping. In fact, I felt like I couldn't get enough sleep, but then, that's how I escape. Could your Mom be worrying about her cancer and life, and this is causing her not to sleep? What does the dr. mean that she must be doing better? If she's nauseous and vomiting, they should be able to give her something for that. Does she live by herself? I did and know that when I went to bed I felt very alone...more than any other time of the day. I'm so glad that you are helping your Mom. It means so much to have someone you can count on. I wish I had answers for you.

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HI Wabisabi

mom doesn know that she has cancer.till date we have kept it as a secret.I really dont know when is the right time to tell her the truth.She is currently staying with my sister who is 9months carrying.Everything happened in the wrong time.She has her second chemo shot coming up next week.She is really weak and i dont know whether she will be able to take it or not.Hoping for the best.

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What does she think the chemo is for? Just my personal opinion but I think she should be told; it is her right. Also haveing a positive attitude is essential in healing, but she needs to know what she is fighting first.
I wish you both much luck!
Let us know how she does...

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I agree, She must be told what's going on. I don't think I get it. How can the Drs. prescribe chemo and she has no idea??? How can she get up for a fight if she doesn't know the enemy? just wondering.

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I don't know your Mom. Has someone always taken care of her and she's given that control away? Why is it that she doesn't know? I agree, in theory, with the other people who think she needs to know so she can put herself into the fight, but again, I don't know her. It's tough fighting an unknown enemy and she may need to know the enemy before she can put herself into the fight. It's going to be hard on everyone, but you/she can't get past the shock until she's heard the news. Good luck. I hope that she starts feeling better soon.

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There is no right time to find out you have cancer. While I don't know your mother's state of mind I cannot imagine many cases where she should not be made aware of her condition and treatment options. Even choosing to be treated is her right.

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May I ask what is Naturopath?

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to hear that you and your Mother are going thru this. Not sure where you live, or what circumstances your Mother is in, that she has no knowledge of being treated for cancer. Have they given her meds for nausea? There are wonderful meds to help there. You need to talk to her oncologist and let him/her know what is going on with your Mother. (ie not sleeping, not eating etc) Are they checking her blood count before the next tx? Not eating properly or resting properly will affect her blood work. She might be feeling like something is going on but no one will tell her. That could make her worry even more and that is not a good thing. Worrying can upset your whole metabolism. Best to be right upfront with her disease. But like I said earlier, I do not know the circumstances of your Mother. There are also life coaches or counselors available that could talk to your Mother and help you discuss her cancer with her. They are trained to do this and are very caring and professional. Please consider talking to a counselor for yourself. You are carrying a big burden. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your Mother. Stay positive and upbeat.....it's infectious! Cheryl

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Your mom is lucky to have someone as devoted as you. Do not underestimate what an important part of her treatment your love is. As for your docs recommendations about raw foods, as I understand it, they contain bacteria that can be harmful to chemo patients with compromised immune systems.

Hope that helped.


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Good luck with helping your mom through this. We were looking at diets for my good friend and we are working with an immunity diet. Lots of vegs, but looking at zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. She has had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove the tumor in her brain, successfully I might add (Stage IV). So with recovery, protein is very important as well. Raw foods are great, but with a weakened immune system, pateints are more suseptable to bacteria and other food borne illness. But, what is comes down to, is what she will eat and what she will keep down. That is the biggest part of the battle. Good Luck!

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