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What to expect from the doc when...

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When the doctor came in on Friday to give the news that my husband's ct scan showed 4 tumors, he spent maybe 5 but definitely less than 10 minutes with us. Of course we were shocked and devastated. In that matter of time he quickly explained the course of possible treatment, and said see you on Friday for your first chemo treatment. This is typical of the previous visits, but those were only checkups when we thought all was clear. It's time for a change. I really want him to get care outside of Las Vegas. Your suggestions are appreciated greatly. Looking to maybe go down to San Diego area as we have a place we could stay/possibly commute to for treatment. I want the best for him. He is kind of thinking well, "if chemo is the same no matter where you go, does it really make a difference?" But so far the quality of care here is the worst! Alex

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No, you need to have a doctor that will care more about the patient than that!


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UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

A couple of us go to USC Norris for second opinions, but Moores would probably be a good choice for primary care if you can swing it.

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It is important for you to have confidence I those who are making life decisions for you. I wish you luck in finding that person. Lisa

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You didn't mention anything about surgery, or having an experienced
Colorectal surgeon to rely on. Is there a reason you are only relying
on an Oncologist?

Surgeons generally have a more objective outlook towards cancer,
and many will avoid chemo and radiation if there's a chance they
can physically remove a tumor.

The problem with both chemical therapy and radiation treatments,
is that both kill cells arbitrarily. They may claim "targeted treatments",
but reading the actual documentation will provide you with the real truth.

Radiation radiates, and kills/damages cells surrounding the treated area,
and does not/can not target individual cancer cells specifically, without
doing harm to all surrounding cells.

Chemicals damage all cells, good and bad; the damage often causes
"second cancers" to form. The chemicals used also do not work well
to isolate and address single cancer cells, so although it may "shrink a
tumor", once the tumor is small, the chemicals will have a difficult, if not
impossible job to address the last of the cancer cells from that tumor.
It's the reason for most "recurrences".

A good Colorectal surgeon can remove the tumor, and anything he
feels might be "suspect". Getting the cancer physically removed
appears to be the best way to accomplish the job.

As a side thought: Getting the immune system to do the job as
it normally does for the vast majority of people, is by far the
best way to thwart cancer. Making an effort to help your body
fight it's own battles is 1,000,000% better than using toxic
substances and treatments that do more to damage the body
than the good they were claimed to do. (Many Oncologists
are now acknowledging that simple concept).

Take the time to learn about all the options and possibilities,
and remember that you can use most "alternatives" along with the
standard treatments if desired!

TCM is one "alternative" that is most often used -along with-
western medicine to fight cancer, by the way.....

It can be used alone, as well...

Best hopes for you both!


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There are a surprising number of us on this board who've received trtmt in San Diego. Moores is one of the best, as is Scripps Green, where I received my care (dx 2009 Stage 3). I cannot say enough about the compassion and care from the oncology nurses, and since I spent the bulk of my time in the treatment room, this was a godsend. Scripps Green also has an excellent colorectal surgeon.
Personally I wouldn't stay somewhere where I didn't feel cared for. If you are lucky enough to have options, take them. Cancer is stressful enough w/o adding medical indifference.

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Whatever you suggest to your husband, just make sure he's all in.


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DOUBLE POST, darn it.

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The only appointment that I don't worry about my doc being late whilst I sit in the "room" is my onc's. sometimes, he's there in 10 minutes, sometimes he's an hour late, he always apologies, but I always tell him, "hey, you're dealing with life or death, take your time", and he always has and does, cancer isn't something you want an onc to rush through and get you out of there. You want him in there, not impatient to leave you, giving you much needed answers and assurances. If they don't spend the time with you, leave, find another that will, that you feel comfortable with, after all,YOUR SPOUSE'S LIFE is in HIS HANDS!!
Find one that you feel cares.
Winter Marie

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