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Food cravings

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Joined: Jun 2011

If I didn't know better I would think I was pregnant. LOL! Last week I wanted poptarts. (never ate any as there were none in the house). Today it's a watermelon. I just sent my sister a text message asking her to pick one up on her way home from work after while.

Anyone else have strange cravings? Also last week after my treatment, I only wanted cold, sweet things, or creamy foods such as mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. It's kinda strange. Oh well, no one ever said this disease was "normal." Sometimes I just try to make lighter of it, just to keep myself from falling apart.

Praying for all of us daily.


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Joined: Jan 2010

Ginger Ale
French Fries
Red Wine (lots of red wine!)

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Can't say if I had any certain food cravings, all I wanted was to be able to taste anything, although french fries covered with ketchup hit the spot. I couldn't taste salt.
Whatever your cravings are, eat up and enjoy!!!

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sweet pickles. If I even saw the jar, I had to have some. I didn't even crave pickles when I was pregnant 30 years ago. It's over now.


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Joined: Mar 2011

Ice cream and mac and cheese. Could have eaten it for every meal for awhile. Cravings stopped after treatment ended but i still love mac and cheese!

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Joined: Mar 2011

I remember craving the following:
French fries w/ ketchup
Ice cream
Chicken McNuggets!!!!?

This disease is weird!

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I think for me it's the massive amounts of steroids. I get wierd cravings and they become almost obsessive thoughts. All I can think about AND THEN if I get that item, it doesn't even taste good!
Some of the usual suspects:
chicken wings
ice pops
fresh fruit and berries
tomato and mayo sandwiches...... and the list goes on :)
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Joined: Jun 2011

I cant get enough watermelon. I also cant seem to taste chocolate or coffee any longer. I crave watermelon, corn, toast and jam, avacados, sweet pickles and macadamia nuts. I have not lost a single pound!


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Joined: Jun 2011

Susan, my sister bought a watermelon last night. Corn has been on my list. I can't imagine not being able to taste chocolate. I would eat a rock if it were covered in chocolate :)

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Posts: 97
Joined: Jun 2011

I really do miss chocolate and coffee. I still drink my AM Joe, but it just doesnt taste the same. Chocolate doesnt taste the same either. Hoping my taste buds return to normal after chemo!

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during tx. and toast and tea, Couldn't stomach my beloved coffee for the first few days. I always wanted a cold drink..especially a cold beer,,but I didn't dare. Now I having some once in a while...and my ultimate must have...chips and lots of them. I craved the salt...val

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It's funny to see all the others that craved watermelon, as well. I could not get enough of it. That and I craved a cup of ice from one of the fast food places. Wendy's had the best ice. And even though I have been done with chemo for a year my tastes have really changed. I used to love breaded mushrooms and now the thought of them make my stomach queasy. I used to not drink coffee and I find myself now fighting the urge to get some.

mom2greatkids's picture
Posts: 528
Joined: Jun 2011

I like the ice from Sonic. Since my surgery I have been trying to eat fish at least a couple of times each week. I would "fry" it in olive oil and sprinkle with black seasoning (usually Talipa fish). Anyway, since my second chemo treatment in July, I can't stand the texture of fish unless it's deep fried. (not good). I try to avoid fried foods when possible. It's really strange. I have never liked coffee, still no temptation there LOL!

The days immediately following my 3rd treatment, I wanted things that were cold and sweet. (yep ice cream, sherbert, smoothies, etc.) Also I wanted creamy foods like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. I couldn't hardly stand the taste of any meats for a few days. Just really weird the way chemo effects everyone so differently.

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