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18 miles celebrating 18 years surviving!

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Yesterday heading out I had little expectation of doing more that 18 laps, but surprised myself and found the energy to do my 72 laps @ .25 mi each = 18 miles! An empowering experience whichgives me strength to believe I can keep on giving this enemy the ol' smackdown ;-) In june '93 I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer following a radical mastectomy, in June '99 I experienced a recurrence and was stage 4. And now I am battling UPSC stage 4 since late '07. I need all the strength and determination I can muster but no time to throw in the towel. Staying battle ready!

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Double Whammy
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It sounds like you fit as a fiddle to do battle. You go, girl!


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I knew you could do it! You just energized the whole board here!

Sending you hugs,


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Annie....way to go! That is an amazing accomplishment. EIGHTEEN MILES....WOW!!!

I have no doubts that you can conquer your next challenge too!

Best to you always!


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I'm VERY IMPRESSED. What great stamina. Attitude is everything - and you have that "can do" spirit.

Mary Ann

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Gives all of us hope when we read how well you are doing. Hope is everything!!!

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I forgot to intro this as being at a local ACS Relay for Life event. I needed a motivating goal last year since I was in chemo and opted to try for 1 mile for every year I've been fighting cancer. Then this year, I realized that set me up for a tougher-by-the-year precedent. Oops! So this year I realized I needed to do 18 miles but I've been having some cardiac issues of recent that presented a little more of a challenge.

I thought I would repost my note from radiation thread since it is more relevant to this...

"Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts and well wishes. You were there giving me strength to go the distance to reach my goal of 18 miles. Meeting the challenge is symbolic in giving me hope that I can continue to meet, face, and overcome life's ongoing vicissitudes. And the space between those vicissitudes makes the fight so worthwhile.
My best wishes to all of you to meet and overcome your challenges as well."

Thank you all so very much!

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Annie - that is such tremendous achievement. Cancer really shouldn't have picked a fight with such a lady - it has no hope of winning!
Kindest thoughts

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myself through out the day hear you say---It's always something--I don't know why, but for some reason that phrase just gives me peace. Maybe it's because if you know there's always going to be something, you not so surprised when --there it is--that something that might throw someone NOT expecting something, through a loop.

Just love you to pieces!!!!!! : ~ )


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I too felt my heart ache when I read the word palliative in your post. I am glad to hear that you have a great treatment plan that will give you better quality of life. Eighteen years of fighting the battle and still such an inspiration to others in the sisterhood of survivorship. You truly are an inspiration!

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