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Transplant update..sory haven't been commenting too much lately

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I feel so bad that I really haven't updated much with what's going on with me, so I will back up and try to start from the beginning.

Had my trifusion port surgery on Friday the 20th which went really well and doesn't bother me all that much anymore.

Did my stem cell harvest on Monday the 23rd and got them all in one day YIPEE!!

They originally had me scheduled to start the high dose chemo on 5/31 but ran into the BCNU shortage issue, so I'd been on hold. My coordinator told me they had me bumped out to start on 6/6, but they did get my dose and called Wednesday morning and had me scheduled to start the chemo yesterday 6/2. So we are back at Hope Lodge, did the first chemo BCNU yesterday, and this morning starting the beginning of the twice a day ara-c, etoposide, and cyclophosphamide (cytoxan). Today my appointments are at 7:30-1:30 or so and then this afternoon from 4:00-5:30.

Didn't have too bad of night although had some issues trying to sleep. I am attached to a backpack and trying to keep track of the cords and bags while sleeping isn't easy. I think they are writing me a script for something to help me sleep when needed.

I have to keep track of all my input and output and trying to remember to do this is not easy either. I am not looking forward to accounting for the diahrea when and if it happens, hoping for not happening...but not going to hold my breath either.

Enough of me,
How is everyone else doing these days?

Take Care,

miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Dearest Beth,

Considering everything you've been thru, you sound some what not too bad. You really
have a good head on your shoulders. All your text info is so complete, and informative.
I certainly hope when you have time, you post all of your experiences on your
personal site (expressions) on CSN.

I have to admit, I do not understand your abbreviations, but that's OK.

I am doing fine so far. Praying for you with the angels up above, you continue
not having so many side effects. I am sending you positive energy for a
complete remission.

God Bless You. Hugs and love to you. Maggie

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Joined: Jun 2010

You sound well. It was nice to hear from you.

How long until you go home?

I've heard that there are over 200 different medications that are either in very low supply or are unavailable in the US at this time. I'm so grateful that they found your drug so quickly. It's upsetting that medications that are needed in a time sensitive manner may be unavailable to those when they need it, to keep them alive.

I continue to pray for you. Tell them to hurry up so that you can get home!

Big hugs to you,

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Hi Beth,
It's so hard for me to understand how certain life saving drugs can be in short supply. It baffles my mind! Thanks so much for sharing your information as i know you have so much to deal with. I am doing fine, just waiting for warm weather to arrive. I keep you in my prayers everyday dear and always think good thoughts for us all. Take care...Love ya...Sue

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Joined: Mar 2010

Hi Beth
It is good to hear from you. I 'm glad things are moving along. I think of you often and pray for that 60% to be 100% for you. Take care Joanie

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glad to hear youre started with the chemo i was weak during the week of chemo and got sick during the transplant but the rest of the time wasnt bad.remember youre lucky to do outpatient and not have to spend 3 weeks in the hospital like i did

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