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Another ZERO

Posts: 230
Joined: Jun 2009

Got my PSA test results back and I am still ZERO after surgery 2 years and 2 months ago.

As we all know, this is one test you want a zero.


Posts: 70
Joined: Jan 2011

thanks for posting wishing you many more 000000000000000

VascodaGama's picture
Posts: 3430
Joined: Nov 2010

Just continue in getting those Zerrrros. I recall seeing in one of my surgeon’ charts (in 2000), a reference mark on the bracket of 2 years post RP indicating {PSA=<0.03 = high probability of cure}.
You have all the reasons to believe in it and I really hope the best for you.


PS; is "1949" your birth year? so am I.

Posts: 230
Joined: Jun 2009

Yes,VGama I am also a 49er. Just think TV was invented that year.
I suppose I can say that I definitely have a high probability of cure, pre RP PSA was 22 and I have maintained a PSA of 0.008 since post op on 7/23/2009.

Thanks for the info.

Posts: 6
Joined: Feb 2010

More congrats for your continued zeros. I have just recieved the same good news from my uro,as well. As we all know here, the week before the visit is anxious, indeed.
Many more to you.

hopeful and opt...
Posts: 2339
Joined: Apr 2009

great news

Posts: 797
Joined: Jan 2010

way to go...wishing you a life time of ZEROs

ProfWagstaff's picture
Posts: 98
Joined: Jun 2010

This is indeed a test where you want a zero. Congratulations on that!!! Are you still on a 6-month PSA schedule or does this graduate you to annually?

Posts: 230
Joined: Jun 2009

Thanks for the congrats. Have not graduated to annually yet, still 6-month PSA schedule.
Perhaps my uro thinks that I need to be on 6-month schedule is because my PSA preop was 22.
OK by me, I like my 0.008 PSA since July 23, 2009.

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