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Large B cell follicular Lymphoma Stage IV

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Hello my name is eddie. My Nanny who is much more of my mother, has Large B cell Follicular Lymphoma Stage IV cancer. Her left arm is twice the size of her left arm. She beat it and went into remission almost 2 yrs ago. The cancer has recently came back and ALOT worse now. She has gone through the strongest and most intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments possible to try to get her into remission so she could do her stem cell transplant. Well now after all of that the cancer has not gotten better at all but its gotten worse! The doctors say that not even the stem cell transplant can help her and there's basically nothing they can do. She is on an arsenal of pain pills and patches and she still cannot take the pain. WE ARE DESPERATE SHE IS SUFFERING PLEASE HELP!!! does anyone know where we should begin to look?? We looked into Issels and she wanted to go there at first but from our online research we have decided not to go there. Too many bad reviews. Where and what else can we do? please someone help!!! This is a woman who knowing she has cancer still makes hot plates for the homeless and poor and brings it to them to feed them and their children. She is the greatest woman you could ever imagine and she does not deserve this!! please help!!

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I am really sorry to hear about your nanny. Where do you live? Do you live in the USA or another country? There are a lot of places to go in the United States. When we know where you live we can advise you as to where to go for help. The bottom line is never give up.Again, so sorry to hear about your nanny . We all know what you are probably going thru AND OUR PRAYERS GO OUT TO YOU. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I am so sorry that your Nanny and your family are having to deal with a recurrence. And I am very saddened that she is having so much pain. Of course a recurrence is something all of us fear. This disease just sucks. Like John said we do need to know where you are to make suggestions of other places to go. I am not familiar with Lssels, never heared of it.
But you need to get second and if necessary third opinions from major medical centers. And also look into drug trials. There are current many trials available to patients with DLBCL who are refactory to chemo and are not elegable for SCT for any number of reasons.

I have given you a web site from a very reliable source that lists all the current drugs/chemos used and drug trials that could be available to your Nanny. Please look the information over as I believe it would be of assistance to you.


I will keep your Nanny in my thoughts and prayer.

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