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Life Changes On A Dime



  Friday the 13th.   I received the text.    " Tell work you will not be in...things have changed."


       He had never asked me to call out of work. Almost two years..I was never late...always showed up.  He drove himself to the hospital after work the day before...the doctor wanted him to have bloodwork done....they admitted him to ER shortly after he arrived.

Choosing hospital for 12 needle biopsy

I have been under the care of a urologist since 2001 because of high PSA. During that time I have had three (3) biopsies that were all negative. Recently my PSA doubled (while taking Avodart). My doctor scheduled a 3T MRI and it showed three (3) "areas of concern." I am now going to have a twelve (12) needle biopsy and am wondering where or who should I have perform that biopsy. I have a scheduled appointment (Panama City Florida) to have this done but am wondering if I should try and schedule this at the hospital that I will ultimatley go to for treatment.

prostate cancer and PSA

share experience on PSA and prostate cancer or new testing


I too have neuropathy on my feet.  It's absolutely terrible.  I take gabepentin for it and it doesn't seem to work.  I take 6 pill's a day, and nothing.  It's very hard to walk when your feet don't cooperate,  I thin I'll try the B vitamins and see if they work.  I also take duloxitine.  Nothing.

Clogged Feeding Tube - A Solution that Worked for our Family

Hello all - my wife had a NG feeding tube for several months. About 3-4 days after the NG tube was initially inserted, it started to clog, even though we regularly flushed it with warm water. We tried several options to unclog the tube, none of which worked: hourly warm water flushes, Coke, etc. I found that Coke only exacerbates the clog and some of the suggestions that I read online were truly dangerous like weed whacker wire. The only solution that worked for us was a product called Clog Zapper (enzyme). It worked every time for us.

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Random Thoughts!

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month - share your story wherever you can to help create awareness and educate people on the importance of listening to your body.

The sun is shining off and on today. The air is crisp with a hint of fall and I am very in tune with the earth and my surroundings. So very happy and content. Life is such a miracle and should not be taken lightly. Having cancer makes you more aware of what a gift life is I believe. 

Strike 2

im a 15 year survivor of Colon cancer, diagnosed in July with Esophageal cancer. On September 10th I undergo a Modified IVOR Lewis Esophagogastrectomy . Fortunately, like my colon cancer I'm Stage 1 N0. I'm becoming more anxious by the day and would like to hear from others who have had this surgery regarding your experience, length of surgery, pain level, # days in hospital, etc.

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Well, it seems I now have another cancer

Everything so far (which isn't much) is pointing to a mesenteric carcinoid neuroendrine tumor (NET). This all developed just within the past month... just after my third NED blood test for the prostate cancer that I've been fighting for the past few years. We had finally finished moving our stuff out of Ohio (see earlier blog chapters) and I was trying to get some older medical issues addressed.  A neuro-ohthalmologist had me taking 60mg prednisone daily, and I had scheduled surgery for about two weeks from now to get an implant in my face to correct a bone deformity in my skull.

Husband going on 22 Years with CLL

My husband was informed in Spring of 1997 that he had CLL.  He was 49.  He will be 72 in 8 weeks.  He has had reasonably good hearlth with his first around of chemo in 2001.  His doctor told him when he finished his first round that it would be about 10 years before the next round.  It was right on the button.  My husband also has CFIDS        (Chronic Fatigue Immune Disfunction Sysdrome).  He has been fighting that since the mid-eighties.  Also has one kidney that is tilted and the sugar runs out instead of going around.  He had a mild case of Polio after getting the shot when he was young

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Brain cancer survivor

I am a long term childhood brain cancer survivor. Diagnosed at age 11 with Ependymoma on right cerebrum. 12 hour surgery and high radiation to full head for 6 weeks. Hope everyone is doing well here and it would be great to meet some survivors. Just send me a message anytime.


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