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Gail's cancer

On December 18, 2015 I went in the hospital for a hysterectomy. I was in the hospital over night.  Found out I had (have) Endamtrial Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia cancer -- it was caught in time --95% cancer. I was 59 years young at the time.  For the next 5 years ever 6 months I will need to get a pap smear incase the doctor did not get it all. I was tired all the time and could not seem to walk more then a few steps at the beginning but here it is now 11/2 year later I am walking 3-4 miles most days. I feel like the Lord gave me a new look on life.

Living with CLL.

Was diagnosed with CLL nine years ago. Right now I am home dealing with the flu, a cold don't really know. But can't seem to shake it going to see my PCP tomorrow. I am at this point dealing with anemia. And I do have to have a 2nd iron infusion in June.  

AUS stopped working 2 months activated. Stuck in philippines

Had AUS activated Feb 8, was perfect for 10 days, not a drop. Noticed urine stream went everywhere but straight and had tenderness where reservoir was noticeable to see and feel. Doctor said we could place it deeper if didn't improve.

End of week 2 I leaked when sitting in soft chair or edge of bed, only happen twice during a week. Week 3 started leaking every time I sat down. Week 4 I had extremely long flight and lay over that involved 60 hours of travel with maybe 30 hours sitting.

this is me

I'm a 70 year old woman living in California. Bay Area.  My doctor found a very small m*** on my kidney 6 months ago.  It was described as a kidney cell carsinoma.  The doctor wanted to wait 6 months and see if it would grow.  He felt it was a very slow grower.  I went back this week to haqve an ultrasound and that showed a much larger second m***.  No biopsy yet.  Now I have to wait for an MRI and Im going out of my mind ing.  Everything Ive read says if your over 65 and you see a m*** its 80% likely to be cancer and now I have 2 of them.

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Rectal cancer

Joined today! Trying to find positive web site. Diagnosed in 2014 by colonostomy. Tumor in rectum. Doctor came out and said is it was cancer and walked off. So unprofessional. Bed was solid blood. Came back stage 3b with numerous polyps. Did the chemo etc . Had tumor cut out. Ileostomy for 8 months. Developed PE. Reconnection failed . Had complete blockage for 3 weeks. Surgeons wouldn't do anything. Went to gastrologist, he said after looking at X Ray, can't they see gas is pushing your small intestine closed causing complete blockage.

What a roller coaster this really is/ Tamoxifen and my uterus - YIKES

Hi, all - I've been reading your wonderful comments to each other and am impressed by everyone's honesty and spirit. Laughing This is my first post and I'm looking for any words of wisdom that are out there - as I'm freaking out a bt right now, waiting for test results. A year ago I was diagnosed with early stage (1a), node negative, ES positive IDC in my right breast.

salyva gland

The type of salyva gland tumour i have. the sample was sent to harvard medical to classify and came back as rare does ny fit any present type. well that leaves you up in the air. stage T4 and what options. well went would wide looked at proton options in 5 countries. built my own TTF (tumour treating field and blasted my lymph nodes fot 2 month 24 -7 before radiotherapy. they would go down .Had the 4 high levels at end oct and after about 3 weeks painfull. lots panadol blended food for 4 month now eating some soft solids.

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Natural Treatments for colon cancer?

Newly diagnosed. I will go with whatever treatments the Docs suggest but I want to do everything I can to help my body to heal. I'm looking into foods and herbal remedies. Today, I will be looking for Broccoli Sprouts. 

Ampullary Cancer

im interested in other treatments that will help in treating this type of cancer . My oncologist says there isn't any clinical trial for my type on cancer ,,, does anyone have information on this 

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Cancer its not the Bahamas

Truck driver 26 years running up an down the road an to loose all I have worked for to fight for my life. oh well never seen a dead man take his RVwith him started out with a ear hurting but no infection must be a bad back tooth . Antibiotics did notta. Got home off the road an 2 shots in my butt antibiotics an a staroid for boosters. It did nothing so sent to see a ear nose an throat. DR SINTEN HE TOLD ME CANCER JUST GREAT. .. Just what I need now . they take my right tonsil out but tell me the left one is just one big tumer an it spread.


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