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Small lump

I have a small lump, about the size of half of a pea on the side of my butt. I am afraid I might die from it. By the way the color of the small lump is purple and blackish grayish. I hope I can find out what it is. Thanks.

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Is Anyone Else Surprised By How Painful This Is?

Surgery was 9 days ago. If I could do it over again, I really don't think I'd have it. Nothing I was told by any medical professional prepared me for what I'm going through. I'm trying to be objective but, I feel like I"ve been cheated badly. I was led to believe this surgery would be identical to the 1st surgery I had 2 months ago on the same location on my tongue but, it is very much worse. Every day I am surprised by how much it hurts. In my opinion, the sutures were not done properly.

I have my first follow-up with the surgeon on the 12th. 

adrenal cancer recovery-how long is normal?

I had a radical nephrectomy and removal of my adrenal gland and a one pound tumor two months ago.  There was no metastis, so no chemo or radiation.   I still have belly pain, get tired quickly, and can't do much bending without excruciating pain.  I also have a poor appetite and get naseaous.  Is this normal?  I take Tylenol for the pain, which doesn't do much.  I got off the opiates because they just made me tired all the time.  I want to go back to work, but can't work a whole day.  Any advice as to how to speed this along, remain patient, without going stir crazy?

Elizabeth T

Hi, My name is Elizabeth Taylor I also go by Beth and sometimes Liz, I have cancer and have been treated. But Drs said they didn't get it and it's still there. I  have never blogged before have I ever seen anyone's blogs. So I have no Idea what I'm doing or what I'm supposed to do. I'm starting with just this for today.


hi i am 34 year old male from india and i am the guy who got a tummer in my right parotide nearlly about 7to 8 months ago initially i went throgh checkup and after usg fnac they told that it is pleomorphic adenoma not need to worry so much and due to my some personel problem i told to doctor that if it is really urgent in nature than oprate it if not than could i eate for 6 months ho told me thay ok.

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July 2017, where did five years go?

HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I'm fifteen (years since diagnosis), that means I get a drivers license next year. Or something like that. Laughing

Time sure flies when you stay busy.

Births, deaths, weddings, divorces, it's all happened around me just not to me. Thank goodness! 

Time to replace the teeth, various medical issues associated with getting old....

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   Well, 72 hours later, I can smooch The Wife again. 

   Had my first infusion of Opdiva Monday and was told that as it is processed outta my system, I should take care to not contaminate anything with fluids, waste, etc. coming out of my body as they can be hazardous to others due to the strength of the drug.

   Funny how the more restricted you are from something, the more you want it ain't it??

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Atomic Anna

Just kick this off, I thought I'd try a repost from an old blog, http://atomicanna.blogspot.com/ from when my wife was Dx'd with endrometrial cancer.



 On 12 May 2012, I took Anna to the ER @ S.E. MO. Hospital because she seemed confused and disoriented. I thought it was from blood loss due to extremely heavy menstrual flow. At the E.R. she was examined, blood work was drawn and she was admitted to the Gyn floor.

Arleen brain cancer at/rt

My beautiful daughter Arleen Becerra had a rare form of brain cancer called at/rt when she was 2 years old . She beat the odds against her. Now she is 6years old and going to school in texas. We went to Md Anderson children's hospital in Houston Texas. 


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