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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Hips Don't Lie

My hips are really hurting today. I every time I try to walk I end up limping an hobbling until it loosens up. I'm hoping a day or so of rest will make it feel better. I have oxycodone but it doesn't seem to help and just makes me sleepy. I don't want to injest any more pills than I have to. Is there anything that helps the pain of vascular necrosis? I tried putting an ice pack on my hip but that didn't work either. I'll try soaking in the bath tomorrow. After 100 days, I am greatful that I don't have anything worse than this.

Positive Cologuard test

My recent Cologuard test came back positive, much to my surprise!   I had a normal colonoscopy 11 yrs ago and opted for this since i was low risk and a bit afraid of i.v.sedation.  Now i am worrying myself sick and wish i had not done the Cologuard and had the colonoscopy.   I have an appt with the GI in a week for an evaluation.  Any encouraging words out there? I have read of the fasle positive result rate but am really scared.  Also, my first coloscopy showed a hemorroid which i sometimes flares up. No other symptoms at all.

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100 Days

Tomorrow will mark th 100th day after transplant. Along the way, it felt like this day would never come. I thought I would have a little more freedom than I do, but they started tapering me off of some medications which is I'm so happy about. I'm doing well other than my bladder virus and the vascular necrosis in my hips. My hips have been hurting more because I'm walking and exercising more. I recently had an MRI done of my hips this week. I'm hoping it doesn't say that they're worse but I have a feeling they are. Other than those things I feel good.

Newly diagnoses with metastatic endometrial non small cell lung cancer

Hi I am new to this group. I am 64 years old with a history of uterine cancer. 

I had uterine cancer four years ago, which was caught early.  I had a complete hysterectomy and things were going along fine with my regular checkups.  Then in February of this year I was taken to the emergency room with shortness of breath when they found blood clots in my lungs.  


so, survivorship. 

        Specifically, Cancer survivorship. What does that mean to persons having undergone treatment, and other than preventative medication or monitoring?  Does it refer to a place, like a transition period, after treatment but before life returns to normal?

Based upon my research, the evidence supported data clearly provides how the continuum of care after treatment is critical to continued survivorship  in many forms and for a multitude of reasons. 

Done with treatment!

Began Folfox Chemo treatments approx Dec 4 and had to stop a couple times but I am finally finished with the chemo! Yay! Such a relief to be done with it! I actually ended up having more than the intended # of treatments but the oxaliplatin was withheld with the last two due to the neuropathy in my hands and feet. I was told 12 treatments and actually had 14. But who's counting. I am actually enjoying being able to have a full 2 weeks with no medical appointments to go to.

breast cancer and scared

My name Joyce, my family has lost a lot of people to cancer. So getting told you have breast cancer over the phone, really knock you off your feet. My first reaction was to cry. I did for an hour. Then I went into fight mood. Now let me tell you how this journey started.

My dad has lung cancer and he fought it for 20 years. Watching him leave this world with so much pain hurt. Now I am in for the fight for my life. Never thought this was going to be my fight but the lord has other plans for me.

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Grade II Oligoendroglioma

Hello world.  It all changed back in November 2008.  While working as a helper for the dept. of sanitation here in Long Island, NY I was lifting a can when suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my head.  My vision started to get really weird, almost like when you look into the sun for too long and then look away. The kaleidoscope feeling would later be determined to to be a visual seizure.


Cancer Survivor-Under Construction

I was diagnoiced with breast cancer in both breast in November 2018 at 47 years old.  This did not run in my family and I had my yearly mamograms since I turned 40 with no issues ever.  My gynocologist noticied 1 lump at my yearly checkup in October, so after a mamogram and ultrasound they ended up finding 3 total lumps.  I had a biopsy which confirmed 1 was benign thankfully, but the other 2 were not.  I immediatly met with a surgeon and the plan was to proceed with a lumpectomy, but before we scheduled that, my surgeon requested an MRI first.  That scan showed 1 more lump that was missed

caregiver turns into a patient

I joined this site in October, 2018, just after we learned that my partner was now diagnosed with stage lV metastasized breast cancer.

She had stage 2 back in 2005 and we were told that she was cured with a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. Oh I wish she’d just gone flat back then.


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