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tonsil cancer (HPV)

Not sure where to start.  Just found out  I have tonsil cancer and already had the neck dissection. tonsil out in two weeks. Seems llike there are multiple option to treatments.  Am I doing the right one? I know I have to wait for the biospy for the lymph nodes for stage of deasese. to see if chemo radaation is needed or do I just statrt to expect that now.


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You never know if this will be the last time.....

  Yesterday was completely different.   Today was a new beginning.


   The morning began fairly normal. I felt happy. We spent yesterday quietly watching football games, he actually stayed awake for long periods of time. We ate leftover Chinese....had popsicles....went to bed early.

   This morning was not unusual.

    He ate breakfast...took a nap....made a phone call....took a nap.

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Its The Waiting That Kills Ya

    There were times when he was sleeping.....pale...still...jaw dropped...that I thought " this is it...he died".

   Then I hear him breathe....then...he pops up and announces he is hungry!


    Its like waiting to jump off a cliff...or when you were a kid and jumped down into a water hole....you count 1....2....3....


      But I never seem to be able to hit 3 and be airborne.      Im still waiting ....ready to go over the cliff....wondering when I will make that final jump into a life without him.


My fiance was diagnosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer about 2 weeks ago now. He had a PET scan done that showed that the cancer had spread to his throat, chest cavity, and is working its way into his lungs. He has refused treatment of any kind due to the doctors that we have in town. They say one hing and do another, so we went and prayed on it and chose not to do treatment. I've done research but can't find anything about how fast it spreads or life expectency with it.

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Dropping The Bomb

     We had talked about this...the " what if....",  when the tumor on his Liver was found.  We decided at the time not to inform the family...set them in a Panic....because a couple Chemo treatments should solve the issue.

  The first Chemo ( one out of two treatments),  resulted in a catastrophe.  It was like putting water on a gease fire...the tumors seemed to multiply almost instantly.  

Cancer 9/22/2018

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Life Changes On A Dime



  Friday the 13th.   I received the text.    " Tell work you will not be in...things have changed."


       He had never asked me to call out of work. Almost two years..I was never late...always showed up.  He drove himself to the hospital after work the day before...the doctor wanted him to have bloodwork done....they admitted him to ER shortly after he arrived.

Choosing hospital for 12 needle biopsy

I have been under the care of a urologist since 2001 because of high PSA. During that time I have had three (3) biopsies that were all negative. Recently my PSA doubled (while taking Avodart). My doctor scheduled a 3T MRI and it showed three (3) "areas of concern." I am now going to have a twelve (12) needle biopsy and am wondering where or who should I have perform that biopsy. I have a scheduled appointment (Panama City Florida) to have this done but am wondering if I should try and schedule this at the hospital that I will ultimatley go to for treatment.

prostate cancer and PSA

share experience on PSA and prostate cancer or new testing


I too have neuropathy on my feet.  It's absolutely terrible.  I take gabepentin for it and it doesn't seem to work.  I take 6 pill's a day, and nothing.  It's very hard to walk when your feet don't cooperate,  I thin I'll try the B vitamins and see if they work.  I also take duloxitine.  Nothing.


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