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hello world

hi to all of you cancer folks.

Thyriod cancer

I had my Thyriod taken out in Noveber 2007. I had cancer on both sides. Its now August and I am still having issues with my Thyriod. I have my scan comming up the first week of September, I hope all goes well.

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Cancer Lost

I am a Stage 3B Cervical Cancer Survivor. I created this blog in an effort to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness. I was 28 when I was diagnosed with advanced Cervical Cancer and my story is a long, painful & inspiring one. Cervical Cancer is not talked about but it touches the lives of every single woman out there. We need to start talking about this cancer because it is not rare and it does kill. Thanks for visiting my site and please leave me a comment :)



new dx of nsclc

my husband was dx in july with right upper lobe nsclc(8x9cm) doctor thought they could remove it but when they got in they found the tumor was around pulmonary artery and into the ribs. surgeon decided to not put him thought operation and just sewed him up. now waiting to start chemo and radiation. i have checked "cancer treatment centers of america" and md anderson we are in dallas tx and using st pauls/utsouthwestern medical center. was wondering if anyone has any dealings with these hospitals. any info would be greatly appreciated


My Story

I am 64 years old and have had a very active lifestyle. I have lifted weights since I was in my early twenties. I have during all those years taken a few years off, the longest time from lifting was about four years. I have been married to the same woman for thirty years and have a son who is twenty nine years old. I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and have worked in this field for thirty years. In 2002 I was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia. The only symptoms I had was a shortness of breath that I noticed was getting worse while I was working out at the gym. A blood test showed that I was anemic. My Doctor sent me to an Oncologist for a bone marrow test and that was when it was discovered that I had Hairy Cell Leukemia.

Mucoedpidermal Carcinoma in the Mandible

This is the first time I have ever blogged anything. I am 39 years old and just had 2 surgeries to remove part of my jaw bow, cancerous tissue and my lymph nodes. I am now being told that I need to have a consult with the radiation people, because I may or may not need radiation.

Up until July 31, 2008 - I have never had surgery. This is all new to me. After the first surgery, it was discovered that some of the cancerous tissue was not removed, so I had a second surgery a week later. I had my post-op appointment today and was informed about the possibility of radiation treatment.


Base of tounge and lymph node cancer.

My last radiation and chemotherapy was on May 31, 2008. I have been on a feeding tube since the first part of May when I wasn't able to eat or drink. Now its Aug 20, 2008, I am still eating/drinking through my peg tube. No one really seems to know, how long it will be before I can start eating/drinking normal! Is anyone out there that has been through this same and how long did it take for you to eat/drink normal? By the way, I am cancer free now; a Pet scan was done and it showed my cancer gone! My ENT doctor tried to go in through my throat on Aug 11 2008 but was unable. He stated my throat was very swollen.

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Another View 08/18/08 "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"

(Warrem Zevon reference)

While I waited today, a man walked in to the lounge area with what I thought was a clown nose. I did. I really did. I suspected immediately that he was hiding his real nose because of damage to it. He had some other issues, too. But the nose stood out. It was extremely large and it was a dark brown, leading me to my conclusion that it was a mask of some kind.

But it was not. It was his nose.

I wanted to ask him what cancer caused such a problem, but of course you do not just walk up to someone and ask such a thing.

He had black hair, so black that it did not take long to figure out that he was either wearing a wig or had painted his hair. Someone dear to me tried that once, painting his hair, and it did not work out well. So I know it when I see it. And the woman he was with, she was overweight and dressed in long grey hair, in a ponytail, and, it turns out, was also in for treatment.

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Chemo Palace 08/18/08 "Space Oddity"

(David Bowie reference)

OncoMan and others have been messing around with my chemistry lately, more so than usual. Now, we have moved beyond trying to barely keep from killing me into barely keeping me from hemorrhaging to death.

It is not his fault, nor the fault of any of the ER docs and nurses. I developed those nasty blood clots, the one in particular, and so they put me on lovenox and coumadin, subsequently took me off of the nasty lovenox (only nasty because of the self-injections…no nasty side-effects for me) and had me taking 5mg of coumadin daily.

Last week they decided I was not up for chemotherapy, because of low platelets again, and because the counts they use to decide if you are hemorrhaging to death or potentially about to do so were really high, and sent me home, inviting me back today for some simple blood work.


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