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Breast Cancer Survivor Advice on Chemo Side Effects

I am a breast cancer survivor of two years! When I started treatments in 2005, my skin dried out immediately from chemo and I felt like I was aging before my eyes. I needed alot of skin care products, but knew that most of them had things in them that were not good for my health such as mineral oil, preservatives, etc. I discovered Arbonne products through a very good friend of mine, and learned they were hypo-allergenic, no mineral oils/dyes/perfumes, never tested on animals - and I knew I had the right product for a cancer patient. I used their skin conditioning oil on my head, after losing my hair, and it kept the newly exposed skin soft and healthy. I also used the oil on my lumpectomy scars, which you cannot see today. Their anti-aging products gave my skin plenty of moisture and nothing bad or unhealthy was going into my body. My husband loves my incredibly soft skin and I feel confident knowing that I am using pure, safe and beneficial products.

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My Treatment against Follicular Lymphoma Cancer with Zevalin

My Treatment against Follicular Lymphoma Cancer with Zevalin

Hi, my name is Don. A 51 year old man that has always been active, stayed in shape, tried to maintain a fairly good diet most of my life and always felt that I was in very good health. It seemed as though I never got sick, at least not bad enough to warrant going to a doctor. So maybe a cold every now and then and had to have back surgery in 1996, a tonsillectomy in the early 60's and a few stitches here and there. In the year of 2006 my wife and I noticed that I had what we thought were just muscle mass or something at the top of each of my legs in the groin area, didn’t think much about them.

50 years, cancer free

It has been 50 years now, since my battle with cancer of the larynx. It was 1959 and I was six years old. I had only attended 1st grade for two days when I was rushed to the hospital because of suffocating. The doctor had been treating me for asthma as the tumor was growing. I was treated with surgery, radiation and chemo until the end of 1960 and I have led a great and full life. I am fortunate to have such amazing parents. Jim Valvano said "Never give up" and my parents did everything they could for me then, in 1059-60. I was the victim and they are the heroes in this story. I recently wrote a book about my memories of that period in my life, 'Hello Cancer...Remember ME?' can be seen on the PublishAmerica web sight.

Newly Diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma-Waldenstroms Macroglobulemia on April 14 2008.
In May I went through 4 weekly rounds of Rituxan. Last Friday, August the 22nd I found out that I was in relapse and my doc put me on Alkaran and Prednisone. I am scared. I have been reluctant to go to a support group, I dont know why. But have pretty much worn out my normal friends. Help

Prostate cure via external radiation

I did have prostate cancer and my urologist recommended a) no surgery because of my other medical problems, b)watchful waiting, but with no enthusiasm, c) external radiation, which seemed the best choice. I ubderwent 8 weeks of external radiation and the result was the elimination of the cancer; PSAs ever since have been in the raange 0-1.0, Great! BUT, I have been plagued with both urinary and bowel incontinence since that time. The intensity of the urinary incontinence has decreased but not eliminated, but the bowel incontinence still causes me grief. Unfortunately, I was not advised of these two "side effects" by the urologist or the radiologist or his staff.

I have had a stroke

I have had a stroke May 2 2008 and I am unable to talk.I amalso unable to use my right arm but I am starting therapy next week to strengthen my arm as I am right handed.

hello world

hi to all of you cancer folks.

Thyriod cancer

I had my Thyriod taken out in Noveber 2007. I had cancer on both sides. Its now August and I am still having issues with my Thyriod. I have my scan comming up the first week of September, I hope all goes well.

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Cancer Lost

I am a Stage 3B Cervical Cancer Survivor. I created this blog in an effort to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness. I was 28 when I was diagnosed with advanced Cervical Cancer and my story is a long, painful & inspiring one. Cervical Cancer is not talked about but it touches the lives of every single woman out there. We need to start talking about this cancer because it is not rare and it does kill. Thanks for visiting my site and please leave me a comment :)



new dx of nsclc

my husband was dx in july with right upper lobe nsclc(8x9cm) doctor thought they could remove it but when they got in they found the tumor was around pulmonary artery and into the ribs. surgeon decided to not put him thought operation and just sewed him up. now waiting to start chemo and radiation. i have checked "cancer treatment centers of america" and md anderson we are in dallas tx and using st pauls/utsouthwestern medical center. was wondering if anyone has any dealings with these hospitals. any info would be greatly appreciated



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