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Long term friend angry at me

I have 8 months out from my last chemotherapy round. It has been four years since the diagnosis.

I actually think I am getting on the other side: more energy, engaged in family plans instead of what they became used to: "Mom went to bed at 6pm".

We are happy and realistic: I carry the cancer gene, so it may be back someday. My mom had 5 different kinds of cancer before she died at 86 of brain cancer.

I have a supportive community, but am realizing one of my dearest friends, Larry, is probably emotionally done with this experience. I had an unexpected call from him that was abusive, screaming, full of projections about me. I had to hang up on him.

Trying to Connect

I found CSN in August after reaching the 5 year anniversary of completing treatment for Stage 3C OVCA. Treatment included 2 major abdominal surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo (four of which included Doxil as well as Taxol and carboplatin). My gyn/oncologist tells me I am his "miracle patient" to have done so well and come so far without recurrence. It is good to know that at this time there is NED. I feel, however, a little guilty that I am considered a survivor while so many others don't live.

I have been reading posts on this site and hoping that it will help me to connect with other survivors who have dealt with the guilt.

me , my husband, and bladder cancer

In April 2007 my husband was urinating more than usual. Since he is 67 we thought he may have a prostrate problem. Until a few days went by and blood clots were noticed in his urine.
I put in a call that day to our internist,he saw him that day, did a test, and referred him to a local specialist. The following week the test was done at the specialist office, then he set up a turbt, July 3rd , diagnosis Stage 3 T-2 bladder cancer. The shock was devastating, who is he talking about, is it really my husband,and he is saying bladder removal, chemo, radiation,and THE CLEVELAND CLINIC... My husband spent the night at the hospital, came home with a cath and urine bag tied to his leg,for 12 days..this was very hard for him, and the thought of loosing his bladder more difficult.

salvage radical prostatectomy

About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The treatment I chose was external beam radiation. In the past year my PSA rose from 3.0 to 6.4. Test results of bone scan and pelvic scan were negative. Biopsy indicated cancer primarily in left side of prostate. Current Gleason score a 9. I have been looking into various treatments and would like to hear from anyone who has had salvage radical prostatectomy after external beam radiation.

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A Bit About Moi , My Cancer Experience, And Afterwards.

Well it starts with me being basically healthy until 1989 when I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, after discovering a large lump on my leg that appeared out of nowhere one night. I opted for the regular C.H.O.P chemo treaments and localized radiation to the pelvis. The docs felt they got it all as no traces of it were anywhere else and considered it gone for good but in 1991 it came back, appearing as a small lump under one of my breasts. I was given several options for treatment and chose to have an autologus bone marrow transplant, autologus meaning it was my own marrow - I didn't need a donor as they found no signs of the cancer in my own marrow so they could use it. I also recieved total body radiation which was a freaky experience in itself. I believe I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress from many situations I found myself in during and post treatment. Doctors invalidate the concept.


I have no idea what I am doing here. I don,t even know what a blog is. I bought a laptop 2 weeks ago and have only recently learned how to start it. I have been diagnosed with renal cell carcenoma (kidney cancer). I,m 47, single, childless thank goodness, without a next of kin, living in an area of the country I only recently moved to with a doctor who is 3 weeks behind in information relating to my case, a consultant on holiday and a once cancelled and now pending operation to remove a kidney that as far as I,m concerned could be infected with anything. I have no idea whatsoever what is going on.

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"It should be awhile before I see Dr. Death, but it would sure be nice if I could catch my breath" 08/26/08

(Johnny Cash reference).

A lot of people around me are in a bad way. Perhaps. One offered today that a near and dear relative had passed away at the age of 82. To be honest, when I hear that, my first thought is, "That's long enough, isn't it?!?!?!"

But it's not.

It never is.

My wife's great-aunt recently passed away and it was way too soon for me. This is not a paean to her, but I must say that she was one of the sweetest and yet most candid women you would ever meet, and it was an honor to be on her Good Guy list, I assure (assuming I was :) ), as if that should matter to a man of my age.

Ovarian Cancer

I am a 60 year old just diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer during an attempted prophylactic oopherectomy due to my BRCA 1 gene. Would like to hear the experiences of others living with this disease.. What can I expect? What do you recommend?


t7 blog


What color is my ribbon?

What color is my ribbon?
Submitted by sillygrl on August 24, 2008 - 3:24pm

What color is my ribbon? Is it the color of my lungs where the cancer was? Is it black like the damage I have done to it by smoking? Pink is my favorite color and I wear that ribbon to support breast cancer awareness, Hot pink is my #1 favorite, when my hair was growing back I had it dyed that color and I also wear a ribbon that color to support mammogram awareness. What happen to my colored ribbon? Do some people think that lung cancer is a punishment because of smoking? Where are all the commercials about lung cancer patients and lung cancer survivors? Do we not exsist? I want my colored ribbon and I want the lung cancer patients and survivors to know God knows we exist and he will help us fight for our lives.


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