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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.



Cancer is not in control, God is. As frustrating as fighting cancer can be, I will trust in Him.

I have been in and out of treatment since may 2005. First the big surgery, then chemo chemo chemo, radiation, radiation, chemo, chemo. I think thats about right. The cancer stayed away for several months after the surgery and chemo, then it mets to liver, liver, head, and now in my omentum. I hate thinking about cancer all the time, so sometimes I don't, but for the most part, I do.

I love God so much and he is a part of my life. I look forward to being with him someday, but I kinda like it here too.

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Grieving 4 Levi....

Levi passed away(23/09/00) in such a quick time.... we were NOT expecting it at all.. He woz diagnoized n' passed away within 8 weeks... He had Tumors in his Lungs,on his chest n they had travelled up 2 either side of his Brain.. He had the left side removed but the consultant said it's not worth doing the ovver side as it woz 2 far gone... He woz a diligent RASTAMAN who luvved life,H.I.M(Jah) n' his family(2 daughters n' a son)plus he now has a Grandaughter he would be very very proud.. He woz a carpenter by trade...but also put his hand 2 electrics,machinics,IT (he'd jus passed his exams wiff flying colours..omg so sad).. I miss him daily as I'm soooo lonely wiffout him..I STILL KEEP LOOKING OUT DA WINDOW 4 HIM, 2 PULL UP N' GIVE ME DA INFECTIOUS SMILE OV HIS..And his Jacket still hangs inna me hallway 8yrs on I no he had a Journey 2 make but I wished so hard that he could've waited a little longer(is that selfish?)I no he sits by da Fathers side now n' he's at Peace... We grew up 2gether in care,we had soooooo much fun back then,scrumping comes 2 mind haha,he woz my best buddie then in between n' still is as there is NO-ONE who can replace wot we had.. The Flower will Die,The Sun will Set, But you my Bro,I'LL NEVER FORGET...My Boys send nuff Luv up 2 ya n' I send my all....I keep your Light glowing but you no that init...A Prayer n' A Flower is all I can give but these you will get 4 as long as I live.. I made a memorial page for him plez feel free 2 visit@ www.gonetoosoon.org/garden/josiecoleman Luv you Bro...mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..xxx... Thank-you for taking time 2 read my Blog...

A hero I never knew.

Okay guys, This one is a little depressing but I hope that you read it all the way through. I am going to give you a little background on it and why it means so much.

In Dallas a couple of Septembers ago I was involved in the training of hundreds of new and returning event chairpersons for the Relay For Life. I had the honor of meeting a lot of really amazing people but two really stuck out in my mind. One is Austin Wall who is a brain cancer survivor living well in Dallas. He just got some great news on his prognosis and everyone is really excited about it. The other was a man named Terry Farrer. I was introduced to Terry after being introduced as a Hero Of Hope to the crowd. When I sat down a lady tapped me on the sholder and said i have a story that you need to hear. The weekend was pretty busy but Terry and this woman were on my flight home. She introduced us and Terry started to tell me his story. He told me the story of his best friend, his HERO which happened to be his son. His son was 17 at the time and was the kicker for the Bay City football team and an all around great kid. Seeing this man in tears was really really hard for me and since we live fairly close I asked that he keep me posted on Tyler's recovery. Since then I have received many updates some good but most bad. I have kept them all and then Terry started posting an online blog. I never got the chance to meet Tyler, but I feel like I have lost a good friend. Through his stories I learned to care for him and his family but also had a glimps into what my family and caregivers must have gone through with me. Pray for him and his family. I have included the address to the blog at the bottom of this one. This was the artical in the paper.

My day at MD Anderson

Okay--It's blog time again. I have a couple of things to say and I find this a good outlet. So here it goes:

Yesterday was my bi"anal"ual Cancer check-up at the most wonderful cancer facility on earth--MD Anderson. The day started just like any other. I woke up late for work--took the usual 2 minutes to get dressed and headed out the door---locking my keys in the house. You ask--how can you do this--then realize how funny it is because this is not the first time that it has happened. Not the Second, third, or even forth. After crawling my big butt through the window--knowing that one of my neightbors is going to call the cops I grab my keys and head off to work. Only to find out that I need gas, having no credit/debit card, and no cash. Will tell you about the credit/debit card in a minute--seperate blog. So praying to the gas gods i make my way to the only convience store in town that still cashes checks and get a 20.00. But that convience store does not sell gas. So I continue the prayers to get me the 300 yards to the gas stations. Even though not that far away--i don't feel like pushing my car that far. "Fat Boy"

New Here

I am a 35 year old mom of 2, a 7 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. My mom has had several biopsies and lumpectomies for the last 40 years, with results of cysts, fibriods and atypical hyperplasia. Now she has Lobular carsinoma insitu. So she mentioned to me that I should get a baseline mamogram. I am glad I listened to my mom! I went in thinking, I am 35, I have nothing to worry about. Well, to make a long story short, after the ultra sound mamo, biopsy and two weeks ago a lumpectomy, removing a tumor the size of a walnut, NOT cancer, but Focal atypical ductal hyperplasia.
So I qualify for a research study with Tamoxifen. Which I am going to start the study tomorrow and start the Tamoxifen next week. I have reaserched as much as I could, but I would like some personal advice, my mom was concered about me going on Tamoxifen, at my age. I had a tubulitigation, so I don't need to worry about the fertilization affects of the drug. This is something I am sure I want to do, but the unknown of the future is always scary!

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5 YEAR anniversary !

I am so grateful!! 2maro is my 5 year anniversary! 5 years ago I was so devastated and scarred. I heard the word “cancer" and fell to my knees and asked myself and God why, why was this happening to me. I thought every thing I knew and loved was over. As the surgery passed, the treatments passed then I started to notice that the devastation too passes and you start living again. You start to again do things that make you happy. Then before you know it , time starts to pass too. 5 years is a hill and 10 years will be the mountain If I am lucky I will have captured the world on my 30 anniversary!

19 years and counting

Yes, it's been 19 years of survival with no problems at all. I know how lucky I am to be saying that.

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Me, My Family and Cancer

In early 2008 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in a state of shock!I knew it would be difficult for me, my kids,and my husband.It was hard on everyone. I staretd my chemo and had my surgery. I still have a pending surgery to go,but i have bet the odds, I AM ALIVE!!I had always thought cancer was something only older people got, I was very wrong!!I had just turned 28. I am gratful to have found it when it was still at a early stage because i have 3 kids to raise and a wonderful husband!I have the rest of my life to share with my family, friends, and my many animals! It's the small things in life that i now notice.I have learned alot about myself.It is whats on the inside that matters,not what is on the outside of a person.


This is my first time on this site, and I am hoping for some advice. My husband has terminal cancer and in addition to supporting him and my three young children, his parents are overwhelming me with questions about his prognosis for which they already know the answers and are denying. They know his prognosis and can't accept it and in addition, his father is trying to build a relationship he never had with his in a couple of months. While I empathise with his mother (I couldn't imagine being in her shoes and am not sure I could deal with one of my children going through this.) her repeated questions are hard on me, it's like telling everyday that her son is dying, and it's starting to make me angry with her.

Long term friend angry at me

I have 8 months out from my last chemotherapy round. It has been four years since the diagnosis.

I actually think I am getting on the other side: more energy, engaged in family plans instead of what they became used to: "Mom went to bed at 6pm".

We are happy and realistic: I carry the cancer gene, so it may be back someday. My mom had 5 different kinds of cancer before she died at 86 of brain cancer.

I have a supportive community, but am realizing one of my dearest friends, Larry, is probably emotionally done with this experience. I had an unexpected call from him that was abusive, screaming, full of projections about me. I had to hang up on him.


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