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Grand Canyon

If GOD can make the Grand Canyon. I know he can take care of this little old cancer.

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follicular non-hodgkin's lymphoma(age 44) in remission since 10/2/08(my baby sister)

hello to all and as promised i'm writing my sister's journey since april of 2008. thanks so much for this website, it gave me hope and many answers to my questions and very valuable info, re: my sister's diagnosis and treatments... i received a call from my sister(whom is a registered nurse), that she had an enlarged tonsil. i (being a respiratory therapist), for 30 years and our mother being a retired head nurse of an operating room, told her not to worry, as it was probably infected and that it needed to be removed. she said "no sis my pcp thinks that it is a lymphoma"! i almost dropped to my knees, with the phone in my hand...

Anal Cancer Survivor of 7 months - 67 year old female

I've already written my "story" which hopefully you can access. To summarize - diagnosed with Anal Cancer; treatment included chemo and radiation. Treatment made me sick so was hospitalized with radiation enteritis for 11 days. In the middle of recovery from that, had gall bladder surgery. Currently dealing with proctitis (anal bleeding when passing stool which the doctor could be a long term effect from the radiation). There is also discomfort burning, itiching, at times sores that go along with it. My worst problem is me - getting past the daily ongoing discomfort and living my life. Most days I can - daily/weekly house and yard choresm, walk a mile (age 67), lift weights, stretch, good nutrition, rest, sleep, some social life and a very supportive husband.


I got Breast Cancer in 2003. I found out when I had my Mammogram. I could tell something was wrong because they were taking more pictures than usual and they took an Ultrasound. I tried to be tough and thought I had prepared myself for it pretty good. But a few days later when the Dr. verified my beliefs I still cried. I went home with all of these thoughts racing through my head and the night before my surgery I came up with this one. I wanted to have a funeral for my boob. So I wrote this. All of the memories I've had that involved my boob. Now lies a tattoo in its place with a real pretty girl with long flowing hair and only 1 breast. The same side as mine. And right below it says 'BREAST IN PEACE'.

Lung Cancer Survivor

I am a lung cancer survivor.
It was the hardest road I have every been down
I will always half be a patient and be watched.
I finished my chemo in june and are going to do
a survivor walk this year. I walked last year
while on chemo this year no chemo!


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Cancer Journey

Cancer has been one long journey, and it is just beginning. The people that cancer has brought into my life are my new heroes, young and old, all different stages, yet all beautiful strong women united in this fight to the finish.

Stomach Feeding Tubes

I have used a "button" feeding tube for 17 years, and it's really a comfortable method of getting nutrition. Don't have to prepare food or wash dishes! Here are a few tips:
1. The best tool for opening a can of liquid nutrition is the large end of a
2 oz. syringe.
2. Burping can remove gas that might slow the flow of liquid through the tubes.
3. The formula will flow more smoothly if it is pre-mixed with water in a container, rather than added to water in the syringe.
4. Liquid flows faster through G-tubes during inhalation. This provides an opportunity to practice proper breathing.

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There's more...

Since being dx'd in May 2008 it seems my every thought is somehow clouded by this disease. First thing I think about when I wake up and last thing I think about when I go to bed. In fact, most nights I don't sleep because I can't stop the thoughts of "what if". But tonight, as I sit here in the middle of the night, I can't help but think about how it is just one small part of my life - that life continues around me and if I keep on this current course I am going to miss out on a lot of important things. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild and I want to remember every minute of her pregnancy just as I remember my own.

Post surgery complications

I had an esophagectomy w/ gastric pull-up on 6/5/07. Eating was fine once chemo/rad was done. Since April I get ocasional abdominal pains after eating. I have had a multitude of tests and they can't find out why I get these pains. It has been w/ different foods and at different times. I also am having a very difficult time gainig my weight back. Was 191 lbs. pre cancer and now 134 lbs. Have tried high calorie protein drinks but I get too full from them then I can't eat.

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I Did the Deed..............9/22/08

Since my hair has been falling out these past few days, and my scalp has become so sensitive,
I gathered the hair clippers, and did the deed... I shaved my head... Move over Demi & Sinead Make Room For Irish Whispers

My brother had to touch up a little of the back for me.. but, I must say I think I did a good job! Its not so bad... it feels kinda cool ..


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