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This is my Dad

This is a picture of my Dad about 2 weeks ago - after his treatments. He is still a handsome man.

from the beginning

Just to give a little history about the greatest man that I know, my Dad.

Well, he's not my real Dad but my adopted Dad. My biological Dad is a doozy, just to be kind. Anyway, my Dad adopted me when I was in the 4th grade but he has been raising me since I was 3 or 4. He's always been tough on me, which I am very grateful for and I knew this when I was growing up. When growing up, I was always thankful for him being the way that he was. Now, that doesn't mean that we didn't have arguments, trust me, we did. However, deep down, I knew that my life would have been terrible if he wasn't there. My Mom has always been the kid in our relationship, which means that I grew up a lot faster than most.

18 months and still cancer free

The title says it all........I never thought I would get to this point.
I wish it were my 5 year anniversary but I will take it 3 months at a time.

Urostomy Soul Mates

HI. I am a caregiver for my husband since Sept. 15, 2008 when he had his bladder removed for Cancer of the bladder. I am looking for some others with experiences of this type. Or really just some new friends with encouragement and/or healthy advice.

Just need some new friends who understand cancer and it's affects on the whole family.


I hope through this experience I can be of help to someone else also.

6 months free of hospitals and doctors...

Few days ago I have had my check up at the doctors and a CT scan and it showed that my lungs and abdomen is clean!Yeah,baby!And my blood tests show great results,well;they show that my tumor cell markers are so low that the machine at the laboratory can't measure them.HAHAHAHA!What now,cancer!!
Thank you!
I'm the man!
yeah I know!

just the beginning for me

I am a 57 year old woman who was diagnosed on 09/11/08 with grade 3 left temporal tumor. Will start radiation and chemo probably of week 10/13/08. Just starting with my docs now so am still learning about all this. My only symptom was problems with speech for about 2 weeks before seizure, ER, surgery, etc. The timing that I am even alive is seizure occurred at my desk, paramedics arrived 5 mins and was taken to neurosurgeon in highly regarded hospital within 5 miles. Didn't even know what had happened to me until after surgery and the rest of all is continuing to dawn on me. The most difficult part for me so far is accepting that I have this condition especially because I am a mouthy brainy person. Guess many other people experienced what I am going through now, I'm only 57 and am at work and just BAM!!! While I was in CCU after surgery, most thoughts were amazement, humble, grateful, just trying to take it all in. Realized that I had survived compared to some others that did not. My neurosurgeon is a great guy, gave me all the info I need/needed. The best comment to me during "the conversation" is to think about it like diabetes - you will have it the rest of your life, you treat it as best you can, and you can survive it. After telling me all survivor numbers and just what doctors know or don't know, the best comment he made was after that even after he told me, he hopes that in 10 years he will talk with me and I will be able to tell him he was wrong. That made him definitely the right doctor for me. \

My musings through cancer

I have not asked why me? I think why not? I have known many individuals with cancer. Currently, my childhood friend has survived inflammatory breast cancer, my adult friend had breast cancer with reconstruction and my cousin was recently diagnosed with pituatary cancer. They had their demons to fight during their treatment. I have made it out of treatment without a lot of side effects. Fatigue has been my most hated effects.

about me

I knew the word cancer since i was 10 years old, my mother died from metastatic breast cancer at the age of 40. I thought that was the worst day of my life but then came Friday September 13,2002. Stage 3 In Situ Ductal Carcinoma I was 30 at the time. Did my time with Chemo and Radiation. Was clean for almost 3 years and then my oncologist found spots on my spine, so yeah I get to take Chemo pills for the rest of my life or until a cure is found.

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Grand Canyon

If GOD can make the Grand Canyon. I know he can take care of this little old cancer.

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follicular non-hodgkin's lymphoma(age 44) in remission since 10/2/08(my baby sister)

hello to all and as promised i'm writing my sister's journey since april of 2008. thanks so much for this website, it gave me hope and many answers to my questions and very valuable info, re: my sister's diagnosis and treatments... i received a call from my sister(whom is a registered nurse), that she had an enlarged tonsil. i (being a respiratory therapist), for 30 years and our mother being a retired head nurse of an operating room, told her not to worry, as it was probably infected and that it needed to be removed. she said "no sis my pcp thinks that it is a lymphoma"! i almost dropped to my knees, with the phone in my hand...


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