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Never Crash A Spirit Party

   I spoke with the Chaplain and Social worker about my skills as a Medium...being able to help many people by contacting their loved ones on the other side.


  To my surprise...they thought this normal, no surprise.....I could have been telling them what I had for dinner last night, and it would have resulted in the same expression.


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Round 2

I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer on August 3, 2013. I was extremely shocked, which became a feeling of numbness, because even though I had found the lump myself and researched what it could possibly be, I never actually fathomed that I would actually be diagnosed with breast cancer. That was just absurd! It was a rough road but with my God walking with me, carrying me at times, I made it through surgery, recovery, drains, chemotherapy, reconstruction, neuropathy, etc.

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4 months Cancer Free

We had our 3 month visit following chemo.  Well actually 4 months. Anyway we got great news, my C125 number dropped again from 16 to 13. My oncologist said to continue what I am doing as it is working for me.  I will continue with my low carb diet, work a little bit harder at being consistant with my exercise and yoga.  Continue to drink a lot of water, which I do.

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  Signed up for hospice today.   Life will get  a little more streamlined.

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So confused

So I recieved my results from my Pet scan today. I have no seen pulmonolgist yet and really scared about what the results mean. Can Anyone help me with some of the terminology? what does "Vague radiotracer" mean?



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Hello, CSN!

My name is James, and it's reassuring to meet/greet others experiencing similar, if not all, of trials and tribulations, hope and inspiration for experiences with throat cancer. 


Fortunately, my cancer is in remission for ~10 months now which is undeniably one of the worst, if not the worst, periods in terms of chronic throat pain. Having or not having this relentless cancer seems almost to be one and the same when it comes to dealing with pain (I am currently being treated at a pain clinic).

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By The Way...You Need To Write An Obituary


                                                         ( Steve, Stevie, Dad, Pops )

Arrived:  December13, 1964             

Left For Home:



Ah, what a special man was he,

      Graduating Pleasant Valley in 1983,

Two strong boys and a girl,

      He was blessed to see,

Bearing these children,

      He thought would equal three.


After a salty marriage,

    And life as a single Dad,

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Random Thoughts

" How Ya Doin, Hon? "      The response  is critical. 

     I make my tone sound casual, but the question  REALLY means...." Is this going to be a session of jerky movements, drowsy meals, and soft stumbles to the bathroom, or one of enjoying long showers, and asking if we have popsicles left for a snack."


   I call them sessions because there is no time sequence. He naps...wakes....naps...wakes...round the clock.   Each waking moment is a session. 

     He sleeps more than he is awake.   Usually.....


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Congragulations. You qualify for Hospice.


  Thats a word you may hear in a movie....or in a conversation when discussing a friend of a friend who's grandma died of cancer.


Pallative Care.


  Hear that word...and you know its serious...you are in trouble.


  I dont know which is more difficult....discussing hospice vs chemo with him....or adjusting to the concept Hospice network  is about to infiltrate my life.


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Zip that mouth shut

  Heed my advice...learn from my mistakes.....my first big oops.


  If a relative of your husbands...who has been pretty much low key for 22 years...but is suddenly very interested in the situation...asks about his current situation....


  Dont give details...even if you feel weepy and need to vent.


It can easily end up on Social Media....you know....Face Book.


Live and learn...Im throwing it in the I really dont care bucket.....


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