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Friday, May 21, 2010

Two years ago when I was helping care for a dear wonderful friend who was taken by ovarian cancer I tried to use this site and for whatever reason it didn't work but now it does.

Her doc kept treating her for acid reflux. All he had to do was run a few extra tests and maybe it would have been caught before it consumed her. Surgery got as much as was possible and at first chemo seemed to be working but then trouble eating set in and the blood counts were off... large weight lost...cancer spread and there was nothing more to do. One and half years is all it took. She retired one year early and we had a AWESOME party! One year after that she was gone. She died on what would have been the first day of her official retirement. Is that a pun???? She like puns! We used to make them up all the time. She loved movies, all the oldies and she hummed some song all the time, we read the same books, she made my teaching job worth doing. How do I replace all that?

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Relay for Life Costa Mesa 2010 - My survivor speech

Hello friends, family, and fellow fighters. I am so grateful to be here with you. My name is Molly Large and I am a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma. I also supported my mother during her nearly 2-year battle with ovarian cancer. This is the first time I’ve spoken publicly about my cancer, and that of my mother.

My cancer stories began in July 2004, when my mother went in for a hysterectomy, and they found massive metastasized ovarian cancer, and gave her 3 months to live. Shortly after that, I decided to do something about the lumps in my collar bone; I went in during one of my breaks in caring for my mother for a biopsy. Because my father’s twin sister had died of Hodgkins before I was born, I was pretty sure of the diagnosis before the doctor even called. I had just moved in with my boyfriend less than two months before; one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was tell him my news. The fear and pain in his eyes was possibly the most difficult part of my diagnosis. I remember suggesting that I should move out, because I really didn’t want to make him go through the caregiver experience. Luckily for me, he told me I was a dope, and then fought beside me every step of the way. That man is now my husband, and his family is now mi familia. Uncle Manuel, in particular, was there with spiritual support; he has fought his own battle with cancer, and I will proudly walk the survivor lap with him today.

hey all glad to meet u all

hey folks i found out on april 1 of all days that i have thyroid cancer it has a fancy name but who care its cancer .my question and i hate to ask it but where can i get some help for bills . i have good ins but not getting my hrs at work hurts i just need a little help over this hill. it is just my wife and i please and thank u so much .
iam a 47 year old guy that has been married to the same lady for 19 years . we have 2 great kids both are out of the house our daughter and son in law made us very happy with our 1st grandson . just a little history . if some one would please put me in the right place thank u so much and god bless

My Battle with Ovarian Cancer

Hi my name is Liz and I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage 3 in 2007. I had various tumors by which a Radical Hysterectomy was done. The removal of the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, lymph nodes, the omentum and tissue in the pelvic cavity. My doctor drained 2000cc (2 liters) of liquid in my abdomen. This liquid is called ascites. This also had cancer cells as result of a ruptured cyst from the ovaries.

A month after the surgery I was given chemotherapy. I was on Carboplatin and Taxol for 6 treatments. My vains in my arms were so bad after that, my doctor recommended a Port-A-Cath. This is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin connected to a vein to withdraw blood. I was very scared to do this, but I don't regret it being done. It is much better than being poked left and right with a needle in your arm. I recommend this procedure.

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extreme skin sensitivity!!!

After bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks ago I have incredibly sore skin all across my chest. It feels as though my skin is severely sunburned an I cannot bear anything to touch me. Does this go away and is this pain unusual??? Freaking out...

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Chat has grown up

Our haven has grown up!

Being emotionally and physically vulnerable people, we are now targets for scammers and tricksters who think we are stupid and desperate.

How sad. This was always a comforting safe place, now it is part of the big wide web world of griftable targets.

Scared of surgery

I have a mass on my left kidney and the doctors have watched it for about 4-5 years now, all of the sudden it started to grow. The doc says it doesn't look like cancer, but the fact that it is growing worries him and wants me to have the kidney taken out left hand assist lap. I am scheduled to go in on 5/27 and I have sleepless nights worrying. Can anyone help ease my fears?

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Katelyn's Miracle

I am currently writing a Research Paper on Neuroblastoma Stage 4 Cancer. My decision on this topic came about after many different sufferings. My 4 year old cousin Katelyn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 Cancer in January of 2010, I was heart-broken. Katelyn just recently had surgery to remove a tumor from her abdomen and she seems to be progressing very quickly. Amazingly she is on her fifth round of Chemo-Therapy and all the other tumors (there were ones in the lymph-nodes) "Miraculously" disappeared, lets pray that it stays that way. I hope that some day she will be able to tell her kids about her battle with Cancer... And How She "BEAT IT."

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They put the port in today. Goes back to see oncologist Friday to see when she starts chemo.

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A Blessed Day!

A beautiful day with Crowning of Mary.


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