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Follow the Bouncing Boobs: The Fog & Postcards from Cancer Canal

Follow the Bouncing Boobs: The Fog & Postcards from Cancer Canal

The plan was in place. The double mastectomy with sentinel node biopsy would take place on


Now we had to wait for the ship to get there.

I was officially diagnosed the early part of July 2009. The next available shuttle to this excursion wasn't available for two months.

That was a very long two months for us.

After I had called my parents and in-laws directly, I decided to announce my diagnosis to my family and friends in an email.

Cards and gifts started pouring in from all over the place. Some from people I hadn’t heard from outside the occasional ‘FW: FW: FW: Send this to 7 people to avoid bad luck’ email in years.

Renal Cell Carcinoma

In march 2001 i was diagosed with RCC. I was sent to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas and had a right nephrectomy on 4/16/2001.
I went through the surgery and complete recovery.
The cancer was confined to the Kidney and was 7cm.

I got regular scans the first 2 years then yearly. In march just before my 5 year anniversary they discovered tumor on the head of the pancreas. It was .5cm. They watched it for 3 1/2 years then in October 2009 it had grown to 2.1 cm. They told me at MD Anderson
that at my age (75) they would not recommend any surgery.
I went to Vanderbildt in Nashville, Tennessee. They told me I was a candidate for surgery

My Daddy's Lung Cancer

To honor my Dad, i made a website for him...

i miss you daddy, i really hope we are together now and you didn't get sick of cancer.

my dad has started smoking when he was 18 years old. he was diagnosed of lung cancer stage 4, 3 months before he died.

i love you daddy...

About Lung Cancer Know more about how lung cancer slowly takes your life.

How Smoking Causes Lung Cancer should be known by everyone. It will save our lives.

My story so far

I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal in early march of this year. I had no tumours whatsoever just a lot of fluid in my belly and cancer cells floating about and I looked pregnant, some hope for a 60 year old. I am due to have my 5th chemo this week, taxol and carboplatin, I have sailed through the treatment with very few bad effects though I did feel very ill a few days after my 3rd treatment. I do suffer with numb fingers and toes and it feels like pins and kneedles.I am very determined to get through this even though my oncologist has said it is not curable, but it can be treated. I keep to a very natural diet no refined foods or sugary sweet food, or white flour or bread or rice, I believe from what I have learned that these foods can feed the cancer cells, maybe that is why it spreads so readily and why I am so well, but also I am a committed christian and a lot of people are praying for me, I am at peace in my spirit which I believe is a great help also.

New member of Cancer Survivors Network

Hi, My name is Karen. I live in NH. In 2008, I was diagnosed with papillary serous uterine cancer and had a total abdominal hysterectomy, oophorectomy, ommentumectomy and de bulking surgery. My cancer was staged at stage 4. I had 7 cycles of carboplatin and taxol and have had no further treatment since December 09. My CA 125 is 10 and I have a "pap smear" done every 3 months which so far have been negative. I feel very fortunate to feel as well as I do right now but keep waiting for the "other shoe to drop". My illness happened only one year after my husband died from a long, delbillitating neurological disease which consumed my every moment for 4 years. I feel shell shocked. I was reluctant to join this support group because I spend a good deal of my time in semi denial and it is so very painful to revisit the reality. Anyway, I am feeling brave today and would like to reach out to anyone else dealing with the same type of cancer. I know I have been frustrated with the lack of information on this cancer. It seems that much of the literature is old and the outcome poor so I hope there is some hope out there.

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No mushy crap. No emotional boo-hoo, or woe-is-me. No "can you believe what so and so said", or implications.

This was just to prove a point about nosiness and minding your own. That's all. It succeeded.

Just an empty update and a waste of time. I have absolutely nothing to say, and you just wasted your time snooping. :)

Spoon analogy

I found this link thru the member resource library and this analogy struck home with me, the author has Lupus but it fits me also so I decided to share. I don't know how to make the link work from here but hopefully some of you will copy and paste it and check it out.


Here goes....

I have decided to write (blog) about this latest journey with cancer that I am having. I have beaten it twice and am looking at my 3rd go round with it. I must admit I hate knowing there are two things growing in my chest and waiting to deal with them while they grow unhindered, advance like some invading army. I try to smile for everyone, including my family, partner, and kids but inside I am tired and scared. Tired of fighting this, so tired of it some days, and scared that I will lose gound or just lose this battle. It gets so hard some days to put one foot in front of the other, to pretend I am fine, to be strong for everyone around me while inside I am shaking and crying.

I am a new member - a spouse with a husband with lung cancer

My husband has gone through treatment for lung and bone cancer--6 weeks of radiation and 3 chemos. He is experiencing side effects after 3 weeks of ending treatment. He is molting, very tired, no energy.

We both just feel so lonely and helpless.

Chemo #2 Tomorrow

Hi - this is my first time posting. I was diagnosed w/ GBC on 4/21/10 and since found out that the liver also has a small malignant tumor. I had my first chemo last week and no nausea thankfully. I know my med. oncologist talks in termsof a couple of years but my surgical oncologist is looking ahead to the next CT scan and the possibility of surgery.I believe we must stay positive with this, friends. Let's face it, there aren't that many of us with GBC - we are the trailblazers -let's show the medical community what is the trueprognosis for us!


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