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My Goal: A Financial Guidance Plan for Cancer Patients By Sarah Dees

My Goal: A Financial Guidance Plan for Cancer Patients
By Sarah Dees

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon

My dream, my goal, is to create a financial guidance plan for cancer patients. Patients need resources for financial assistance from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, recovery, and even for years afterward, until they are financially stable and back on their feet again. As medical breakthroughs enable more patients to survive cancer and go on to live their lives, we need ways to insure financial survival as well.

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Myxoil Liposarcoma - It is finally sinking in, I have CANCER...

HiI am 31and have myxoid liposarcoma. May 19th i had a tumor removed from my thigh in my left leg, it was in my muscle, and it hurt even before surgery. It felt like gravity was pulling the tumor down when I walked. I was told by my doc that I should experience pain and that it's common after surgery, but the pain I am having is in my back,leg and even in my stumach. When i get a pain it comes and goes,FAST. This is all new to me and I'm scared.I go on tuesday for a bone test and of course I DN'T have her explain all she's looking for besides cancer what I dont know wont hurt Please if anyone reads this,help me to understand the sickness that is inside me???

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We both have something in Common

We both beat the most advanced and aggressive form of testicular cancer.

Thank you Lance Armstrong for creating "Living Strong". Your foundation has helped to support and make a positive difference with so many cancer survivors & their caregivers since 1997

Cancer Fighter Getting Weary

Well, where to start....
My Mom has been a cancer survivor for 20 years in April 2009 was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer mets to lung and bone. What a wild ride this has been. My Mom has an amazing attitude and has kept her sense of humour throughout everything. We have been involved in Relay for Life since 2002 and were on the organizing committee for 3 years, Mom as Survivor chair and me on survivors chair and then event chair. This year Mom wore a shirt she thinks is hilarious "Yes these are fake my real ones tried to kill me!".

As a caregiver I have been doing okay, I have bad days when I cry but for the cancer journey I think that's "normal". Things have been tougher the last while though, my boyfriend of over 10 years was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the end of April, it's a hereditary variety and he's putting off treatement because he thinks he's going to die. His diagnosis was a kick in the gut - as I had always thought he would be there when things got bad with my Mom. We have been fighting as I am not willing to stand by and watch someone be an ostrich and pretend cancer isn't there. I offered to go to all oncology appointments etc. (those don't scare me) but to no avail, he has put off the appointment he had scheduled again. We broke up because both of us are sick of fighting.

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Picasso pic

My pic is from something I told my husband after my mastectomy - rt breast. I'm starting to get less self conscious about wearing a prosthesis, but I was quite worried at first that my breasts wouldn't look even, so I told my husband that, if things looked "out of line" when we're out with others, he should just mention "Picasso" and I would know that I needed to head to the bathroom and get things straightened out!

Thanksgiving 09

Thanksgiving 2009 not a worry and enjoying the day with my family. May 2010 at the age of 72, I find out I have breast cancer. What! No one in the family ever had it, how can it be. Well its there and I have come to believe that God has another test in mind for me. I have survived many thing in my life. This is another one I will make it through. I have 18 grandchildren and have a lot of weddings to go to one day. Picture is with some of my grandsons.

goliath rages

My son is turning 13 years old this month, and is dealing with a huge giant - adrenal cortical cancer. After removal in 10/08, it is back in his lungs. Is there any successful treatment available?

Final Treatment

Hello out there,

I am 73 years old and was disgnosed stage 3A with PPC in December, 2009. I had debulking surgury right away and then began 8 rounds of carboplatic/tasol intraveneously every 3 weeks and the 4 rounds of intraperitoneal. The first IP was cisplatin was was just awful and hisdesouly fatiguing, but then they switched back to Carboplatin for the last three (no Taxol). They went very well and I had little or no side effects. My hair is growing in.

My CA125s have been in the teens the last 5 times , except for one that was 9. My oncologist will follow me every three months and do a CT scan eventually. I will see the surgeon in August and have the port out in October.

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December 2009

The Christmas holidays were coming, and the bloating and fullness was not going away. Sometimes I could only eat a couple of bites of food at a time. All my pants were getting tighter, so I had to push them down under my belly. I saw myslef in the mirror one day and thought "wow, I look pregnant!". So, the time had come to make that MD appointment. Hey, I wanted to be able to eat over the holidays! I made the call and got an appointment with the nurse practitioner on Dec. 15. I still felt this was something digestive, but I started looking online to see if I could figure out what these symptoms meant. The things I found didn't sound right, so I just continued to figure it was a disgestive issue. I'm lactose intolerant, so I thought maybe is had something to do with that. In the meantime, my mom started to look online to see what she could find. I was talking to her on the phone a couple of days before my MD appointment. She was naming off things it could be, and she said "ovarian cancer". Well, of course I assured her it wasn't that. No way, not me! I had absolutely no risk factors for it, and cancer is painful, right??!! No, it definitely wasn't that. But, that diagnosis stuck in my mind. I thought about it alot, and I started looking online for the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I had a few of them. But still, there was no way that's what this was. It was a digestive issue, end of story.

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Thanksgiving 2009

By this time the bloating is worse. Sometimes I can barely eat. I start thinking something is wrong, but still not thinking it's anything major. My mom encourged me to see the MD, but of course I don't want to go. I thought, he will probably want to do some yucky tests that I won't like. No, I'll just wait and see if this problem will resolve itself. If it's not better at my next regular check up in March, then I'll say something.


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