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From here....

May 14, 2010 - 7:11pm
From here....

24 years after my first diagnosis.....
I look at all of you who are relatively 'new' to this experience and I see myself there....
and, Lord, it hurts.
I want to grab each of you by the scruff of your neck and yank you out of your 'there' into my 'here'.
I want every one of you to be 24 year survivors...and beyond.
I want to do the work for you and 'fix you' and make you stand unafraid again.
But then I look inside myself and realize that I am not so far ahead of you after all....just one 'bad' test and I would be back at your side, begging you to hold me up and help me cope again.

2 time survivor

Colon cancer----2004= surgery + chemo

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma ----2008= chemo + many transfusions

I am now active and lead a full life, participating in many community events + a full social life....

Today was bogus

So as you can tell today was bogus its thursday soon before graduation 2 weeks to be exact the previous night i wanted to pull the needles out of me im kind of going to ramble so if you want jump to the end of this blog. so yeah today i failed my paper for econ becuase my teacher is a dike and wants me to fail his class so i dont graduate which i think is the most evil thing by far you dont just wish someones not going to graduate so other than mentioned above im good

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Does this story ever stop evolving?

I lost my sister to uterine sarcoma in August 2009. There is great suspicion that this was the result of the Tamoifen treatment she had been on for 3 1/2 years following a DCIS diagnosis. (She did not receive any monitoring or bloodtests during this time and when she began displaying "red flag" symptoms that indicated a potential uterine problem this was missed as well.) In November I had a mammogram and was told that a biopsy would be necessary because of a suspicious set of calcifications. Following a biopsy on December 8th I was diagnosed with DCIS and scheduled for a partial mastectomy on December 28th.


I was on Revlimid for about 10 weeks and it completely ruined my body at a very high speed rate.My spleen became massive (27cm),couldn't breathe or walk. My doctor took me off the medicine and now I am on radiations to shrink the spleen. I have had 5 transfusions of platelets and RBC. I don't know what options I have left but I am anxious and depressed.

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2 Months Post Passing

Hello CSN Family,
Just wanted to give you all an update since my dad's passing in March. It has been a hard couple of months. My mom and brother have been suffering the most. I, myself have a very strong faith and am finding it easier to accept and deal with. I must constantly minister to both my mom and brother. I am not complaining actually, I love to do this. I think of my dad daily, I miss him tremendously, but in my heart I know that he is doing just fine. And I so look forward to the resurection and to see him again. Thanks for always being here for me and for listening to me today. May God bless all of you and keep you from harms way. Peace to all of you.

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Follow the Bouncing Boobs: Time to Check-In Not Out

OK so this wasn’t a bad dream. It was as real as it gets. The Breast Cancer Motel was no Waldorf or even a Comfort Inn for God sakes! It was a place where you could never find the ice machine, there were never enough towels and the alarm clock was nailed to the nightstand. It had Dateline expose' written all over it. Where was a portable black light? Ahhhhh!
Alright, pull it together, JoJo. This is no time for princess behavior!
Sword out! Armor on! Time to switch from offense to defense.
The ball had been snapped and now I had to figure out how to reach the endzone.
But what was the endzone? I was in limbo until I knew my lymphnodes were cleared after the mastectomy. Even the double mastectomy didn’t guarantee anything.

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Are there any Hodgkin's survivor's from the 1980's that received radiation treatment?

Seems that now, in 2010 I am discovering the world of "secondary cancers" that are the long-term side effects of the radiation treatment that I received in 1988 for Stage 2A Hodgkin's Disease.

Are there any other Hodgkin's survivors form the 1980's that are discovering similar secondary cancers? There is so little information that I have found, as the current treatmetn for Hodgkin's Disease has changed.

I had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago and discovered that I have DCIS brease cancer, caught very early and will be monitored every six months (mammogram and MRI). Prophaltic double mastectomies have been ruled out as there is concern about my skin's inability to heal.

Brain tumor

My name is Carlos I reside in San francisco California and my father of te age of 62 was diagnosed with a grade IV tumor in his head. He has gone thru 2 surgeries plus 2 more surgeries for just infection in his wound. He's also gone thru chemos and radiation , unfortunately they did a scan on his head to see wether the tumor had grown back after his surgery and eventually it did twice as big as when they removed it. His doctor had no other options but hospice care. My father as of right now cannot stand severe pain in his brain and head due to the swelling of the tumor. He also has lost his vision and weakness on left and right side, he also can't walk that good.

my boyfriend has been dx with liver cancer and needs a liver transplant

I am his only caregiver and am having to move closer to the transplant hospital so that he can be place on transplant list. All of this hit me like a ton of bricks and I had a HUGE anxiety attack that last 11 hours.


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