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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


The begining

My husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer about 8 weeks ago. He had a partial whipple ans has started chemo. After his surg his CA19 was down to 225 from 650 which I thought was great. Now he has had 1 round of chemo Gemzar and xyloda pills and his ca19 came back 3100,we are completly discouraged,scared. Does anyone think its too early? He has 4 months of chemo ahead of him we dont know what to do. We are seeing his oncologist on monday.

Recently Dx DCIS stage 3 - Chest pains not Heart related Anyone else?

I’m new but have a question please. Recently dx w breast cancer Dcis stage 3. In addition been having chest pains that are not from my heart. This am found another lump and when pressed generated chest pain. Not had surgery yet . Had Heart Cath done ,and just arrhythmias not  causing heart pain which varies from  severe pressure for 1-2 hours  or feeling of pinched muscle or nerve or pressure in one spot. Has anyone had similar symptoms with breast cancer? Dr wants To deal with breast cancer first.


To be honest im not sure why im here i mean its not like theres a chance anyone my age is here but i was hoping to find someone younger who understands what its like i just dont think thats super likely. im just kinda here cause i guess its worth a try. 

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My Personal Cancer History

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at age 58 and have had no reoccurence since having  Radical Prostatectomy at Stanford U Hospital.

I was diagnosed in 2007 with a rare form of NHL called Waldenstrom's Macroclobulinemia and am still under treatment despite huge improvement in blood work since then. I have had Basal Cell & Squamous Cell Skin Cancers removed both surgically & with radiation many times since 1985 & as recent as 9/27/2019.

I am now a retired well traveled 85 year old single male living alone in my apartment at a upscale Assisted Living Facility.

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Hi everyone.

Hubby has just started treatment for Multiple Myelomas.He had his first injection on Tues. His chemo therapy is Revlimid, Velcade and dex. RVD. so far he is a bit tired and his skin is clammy. his temp is low. but for the past couple of days, his head has been very itchy. We have been married for 46 yrs and this just doesnt seem fair to me. All the work he has done to make our family comfortable and he ends up with an incurrable cancer.I am optimistic. They are always making breakthoughs. So for now we will follow dr. Z to the letter.!  

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for but the evidence not yet seen

I am now 1 year out of treatment from stage II metastic breast cancer on the left side. I have had massages and cupping and alot of faigue but mostly I have fear of recurrence. I was with my husbands 24 year old daughter when she passed from non hodgekins and found the tumor during her treatments. Grieving and diagnosis put me in a spiral. Our family had gone through so many changes from the grief that it feels sometimes that I'm surviving on my own. My Faith is sometimes a struggle even when the news is great. They call it PTSD.

My weird cancer

I am 36 years old and I was diagnose with a common thyroid cancer but also a very rare cancer in my neck called a immature teratoma. I went through one week of chemo and had to stop bc it almost killed me. I've had 5 blood transfusions. I am also a dialysis patient making things more complicated. It's just me and my mom and we have it financially hard. I can't work and it irrates me that I can't help with household expenses. I get ssi but it's not enough. We need a cheaper place but can't find any.

It's all about perspective

I sit here at work and deal with other people's problems daily.  I am a case manager that helps homeless people connect to services that they need. Then, I go home to a wife with cancer. It's not a regular cancer--not breast cancer, not lung cancer, not skin cancer. It's not one that plagues people that you meet daily. It's a rare one--gallbladder cancer.

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I more or less have a return date to go back to NC. I'm both excited and nervous about it.

After the cancer

I was diagnosed in May of 2017. I had my biopsy on my youngest child's 16th birthday. I kept it quiet (just my husband and 2 friends knew) until I got the actual diagnosis. Then i told my whoile family and went into attack mode. There weere MANY doctor's appointments and decsions- mastectomy? Breast sparing surgery? Leave from work. I ended up with the partiaal mastectomy and bilateral reconstruction.I lost a few lymph nodes. I took 2 weeks only off from work. Once the drains were out, I was working ( I have  desk job as a nurse case manager). I needed to.


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