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Endometriod mixed with clear cell carcinoma

I have been diagnosed with endometriod mixed with clear cell carcinoma 2 days ago. I am an emotional wreck. Just turned 40 a few days ago and all I think about is my 8 year old daughter. The more I read the internet the more I cringe. Looking for positive support and a little guidance on how to cope and what to expect.

Living with Cancer

I am a cancer survivor from Prostate Cancer (2006) until now. I had tremendous support from my Doctor and medical staff during this trying time of my life. I was 49 years old and told time after time by many people "my your awful young to have prostate cancer"! The only responce I could think of at the time was "so"? Their are way more cancers out there worse than Prostate Cancer " if caught early"! that effect people's lives much harder than me, but yet I am a survivor none the less. 

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I thought I meant more to my husband of 36 years

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer 2013 Stage 3 Carcinoma fast growing.  We have been living a horrific nightmare since. He opted out of surgery and did the two agressive rounds of chemo and one radiation.  He is still here..... Not the same man I married and been with since I was 17. He has pushed me away since day 1, full of hate, and disconnected. It's like his heart, soul, and mind is already dead and its just the physical part now.  He refused to go to doctors to adjust medication, have a brain, scan,  and find out results of CT Nov 2017.

Ascites in Ovarian Cancer

Hello CSN, My mother is diagonosed with Ovarian Cancer and has undergone a surgery to remove ovaries, uterus, omentum, lymph nodes, Fallopian Tubes - practically everything. Even before she could recover from the surgery, fluid started building up in her abdomen and we had no clue. She suffered so much by the time we hospitalized her again. The fluid was drained - aboud 3Litres of it and is now building up again. Doctor says First Chemo session will help and fluid will disappear. Can someone pls share experience on this? Does Chemo help with Ascites?

I need a little help

   I just had my right kidney removed 5 weeks ago and i just can't seem to get back to normal, I realize it has only been 5 weeks. The concernng things are my right testicle hurts and the Dr. says it will get better. One of the most disconcernng things is I get tired easily and also if I use my mind a lot it seems like I get tired right now and am drain of allmy strenght. I was Hoping someone else could help by letting me know if this seems right.


Hello everyone,

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My journey with anal cancer

I am 65 years old.mother of 3 daughters, 2 stepdaughters, 12 grandkids, and 5 greatgrandkids. I had 1 son, who passed away at age 32 from an enlarged heart. I lost my first husband ( who also survived testicular cancer a couple of years before) at the age of 35 to a boating accident, leaving me to raise 4 kids, ranging in ages from 14 years to 14 months old. 

15 years later, I met my husband when I moved to a new city. He was my next door neighbor! We have now been together for 15 years, married for 13. Best decision ever.

First steps in a long journey

Well, the journey towards being cancer free have begun again. This time it is breast cancer. I had a port installed Thursday. It was a long day and not much fun at all, but my sister and her husband came with me and made it doable.  What can I say about this port except that it hurts life hell and I hate it, but hope it helps me in the long run. 

Cancer Couple, Chapter 4

The clock is ticking. There are cancer cells in me just waiting for their opportunity to invade other parts of my body. Currently they are being starved of the fuel they need by ADT or Androgen Deprivation Therapy. Eventually they may become “castration resistant” and mutate into a form that no longer requires testosterone to spread.  I was originally scheduled to begin radiation treatment last March, which is now three months ago. Because this “salvage radiation” requires full continence, I had an artificial sphincter implanted last month. The surgery did not go well.

The touch of cancer

Well...its taken me 7 yrs to be able to even register on this website...I just couldn't....ok well....unfortunately I'm not the one with cancer....sad to say but its my daughter Destiny...she was 2 1/2 when they finally found a brain tumor....I say" finally " cuz from 1/2010 until 8/15/2010 kaiser treated me like I had....MUNCHHAUSER SYNDROM...I was told that it was all in my head...that I was over monitoring her....i asked for a Dr scan n was told it would traumatize her...they told me she was just a puky baby....then exactly 1 week 2 the day...they finally did a c.t.


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