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World NET Cancer Awareness Day

This past Saturday, Nov 10th, was World NET Cancer Awareness Day. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Their motto is "Not All Cancer is Pink". I fully intended to post an update, but ten days home from the hospital things are just now starting to settle down. As expected I was unable to eat or drink anything for several days. On day six I finally had solid food, but have had frequent diarrhea ever since. Until yesterday. Just last week I finally learned that the mass was benign. Whew! But during the ordeal I gained a lot of NET Cancer Awareness.

1st Oncology appt tomorrow

Ive never had a blog before, I guess Im supposed to get on here and say whats on my mind.

So heres what I think about me getting cancer...


I had a kidney transplant in 2001 and because of being on immunosuppr medication for years I developed VIN 3- severe dysplasia. I have had multiple laser surgeries and each time the VIN has come back. I just saw my oncologist and was told that I needed to have a vulvectomy. I don’t have cancer but this is a last stitch effort. I’m in constant pain all the time, the itching is awful, burns to go to the bathroom and some nights I’m lucky if I get a couple hours of sleep. I have had a partial vulvectomy so I know how painful this is going to be.

Lung Cancer and Keytruda

Hello everyone, 

In June of this year my mom (55 yrs old) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer Metastes to the Brain. After her diagnosis she immediatley had brain surgery to remove the largest mass that was causing her syptoms similar to a stroke.

My PCa Summary

First DX'd March 2008 - PSA of 3.7 Biopsy disclosed Gleason 3+4 No spread: T2c N0 M0.

In 2010, I had Casodex 50mg, followed by HDR Brachy and EBRT. Post treatment nadir was 0.11 (2015)

In 2015 I was dx'd with colon cancer and had surgery which led to anastomic leak and severe septic shock. Intensive care and 50/50 whether I pulled through, but clearly I did and though left with a stoma, all seems good on that front.

Cancer on both kidneys

I'm 56 years old.  Last week I was having severe pain in my back on mid right side.  I fought the pain for a few days, unable to lay on my right side or flat on my back.  I thought I probably had a kindey stone.  Long story short after many CAT scans and MRI, I was told that I didn't have kidney stone.  I had cancer on both of my kidneys!!  5cm on one, 2cm on the other.  I went to urologist the next day andhe told me the kidney with larger mass would have to be removed ASAP.  Then following recovery, he would do a partial kidney removal on my 2nd kidney..  I know partials are done regularly

Not sure

Hello Ladies,  


Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom.  They have been of great hep to me.  


I am in treatment for my 5th cancer since 1999.  The first 3 were for breast cancer.  I had surgery, radiation and chemo.  I was able to keep working and even went on a bear reseach project a week after my second chemo.  Cancer was something that happened to me but not who I was.  I am so fortunate in beating these and moving along with life.


skull base chondrosarcoma

Had headaches for years.  finally diagnosed with grade II skull base chondrosarcoma.  Had surgery to remove some of it Sept. 2017 and 8 weeks of proton/photon radiation which ended Jan. 2018.  Still have severe headaches.  I had gone to Mass Eye and Ear for surgery and Mass General for radiation.  was told this was a very rare cancer.  has anyone still had headaches after all treatments.  Dr. said he may have to go in and try to remove more of tumor.  

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Rectal Tumor Treatment

I  have been reading alot of your posts here and feel comfortable enough to open up about current condition.

Diagnosed with cancerous tumor (5cm) along rectal wall. Recommended treatment; radiation 5 weeks  (9.24.18 through 10.31.18), chemo pump distributing Folfox beginning 9.24.18 through 11.5.18. (port put in 9.14.18)

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Just been diagnosed with Mantle B cell Lymphoma

Hi, My name is Jacqueline (Jacky).


I have just been diagnosed 3 days ago with Mantle B cell Lymphoma. I had no symptoms beside a swollen gland in my right leg. Furter echograms showed some swollen glands under my right arm and some small ones close the tha fat of my intestines. Next week I will have my first petscan done and after this they will determine treatment. I am very scared. All i see online is that there is no cure and susrvival rate is very low. Hope i can find other that can relate to what I have and can give me some feedback.




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