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The touch of cancer

Well...its taken me 7 yrs to be able to even register on this website...I just couldn't....ok well....unfortunately I'm not the one with cancer....sad to say but its my daughter Destiny...she was 2 1/2 when they finally found a brain tumor....I say" finally " cuz from 1/2010 until 8/15/2010 kaiser treated me like I had....MUNCHHAUSER SYNDROM...I was told that it was all in my head...that I was over monitoring her....i asked for a Dr scan n was told it would traumatize her...they told me she was just a puky baby....then exactly 1 week 2 the day...they finally did a c.t.

New to this

my husband is almost halfway thru his tonsil cancer treatment, it's been so intense but we will get thru this

tonsil cancer

my husband was diagnosed with tonsil cancer last march, he is in his 3 rd week of treatment, 5 days a week radiation 1 day a week chemo for 7 weeks, so difficult

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Just begun

My name is Duane. My 81 year old father named Gary, next to me in a recent photo herein, and in magnificent health was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. A needle biopsy revealed an aggressive and nearly pervasive form of cancer in most of his prostate, with less than 5% in attached tissue. Six weeks later, and due to his exceptional overall health, he had a prostatectomy today. MD Anderson Houston, even robotic, the best in the business. He was in surgery for more than six hours.

My journey..

I started feeling weak in the afternoon work and thought I was just getting old. I was feeling a little constipated so I started using Metamucil and other laxatives, thinking I was getting old. Summer 2015.

I called my doctor and got an appointment to see what was going on. He indicated there was a large mass in my rectum and set me up to see a Gastroenterologist. He pressed on the tumor and produced blood, he said that means cancer. He then set me up for a Colonoscopy and to take a piece to check for cancer. I came back negative.

Where does God Live?

Oh, I know he lives in our hearts but that isn't good enough for me right now. I want to find someplace that I can feel close to him because I need to ask him to help the researchers to find a cure for cancer. I need to ask him to let me stay on this earth to see my beautiful daughter come into her own happiness. I need to beg him to cure me of cancer. Three cancers in one body is enough! I need to ask him what he plans for me now? 

Triple Negative Breast Cancer 2nd Recurrence w/Metastasis to Sternum

I am currently Stage 4 and in treatment for a recurrence of breast cancer with metastasis to sternum. My last chemo is 6/9/17 and curious if anyone else has been diagnosed with this and what were your next steps after chemo. 

Springing into action

I told the doctor that I would give the chemo a try. The appointment for the port placement and the chemo is set for next week.  I will try. My daughter is relieved and I am trying to get on board with it. I am still waiting to hear the results of the echo to know if this tired old heart is ok for chemo again. I have much more fear this time than I did 6 years ago for chemo for an unrelated cancer.  Dear God, give me strength.

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Bumpy ride 2 weeks post Radical Nephrectomy

Hello all...well just when I thought I was feeling better and more energetic 10 days post surgery my energy level plummeted and the day that I went for my 2 week follow-up, reported having a weird deep pain at my right side.  I can describe the pain as trapped air...everytime I breathed i would feel the stab of pain.  My Urologist didnt seem concerned so I let it go to...maybe still healing I thought.  Well he then proceeded to talk about how challenging my surgery was and he was concerned with the amount of growth since the CT scan.


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