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Right to Know

As I've written here before, I request CDs of my mammogram and other medical images and have done so since 2014, the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I explain in this entry, my slow-growing cancer had been marked for years as "benign" despite the fact that it had been malignant. In fact, marking it as "benign" had been standard of care, and the doctor who finally flagged my tumor as suspicious had gone beyond standard of care.

Which tells me that the "standard of care" is unacceptable.

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Judy and Christmas

It’s lightly snowing out.  Sitting in the living room with the lights out and watching the large flakes softly falling past the street lamp outside reminds me of Christmas, and my wife.

My wife was a saint; a real life Cinderella really.  She didn’t talk much about her growing-up but over 4+ decades, I was able to piece together a pretty good picture of how she was treated during her youth; as a family slave more or less.


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Fight it all the way.


scared & confused

My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 6 weks ago. His PSA was 16.4.  ( the last one 2 years ago was normal).  He had a Robotic Radical Prostatecetomy 11/7/17.  He has been doing well.  Except, he was sent home with a drain in his abdomen, that is constantly draining....1200ml yesterday.  Went to Surgeon today, they placed a larger bag without suction.  As all this was going on Dr. read off his cell phone pathology report.


I had lumpectomy surgery for DCIS on 11/10/17.  Margins came back 4mm clear but my surgeon told me that I still need to see an oncoligist due to the type of cancer cells I have are considered high for reroccurance either as DCIS again or invasive.  Not sure what the oncoligist will tell me.  Anyone have this situation.  This is all new to me. 

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My Second Newsletter

Hi all 
This may be old news to a few but here is a quick update.... 
.... the good....
I was admitted to hospital last Wednesday and had my surgery late Friday afternoon.... all went well.... Not to get too graphic - the surgery was done laparoscopically however the mass + kidney that was removed was about the size of a football.... so now I has a significant scar on my lower abdomen from where it was removed..... plus I am at least four pounds lighter!!!
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My First Newsletter/Update to Friends and Work Colleagues

I decided to send close freinds and clooegues updates on my journey....

Good Morning All and greetings from Canada!!

This is my first post so please forgive me if I break any rules or protocol I came across this page after researching and looking for answers/direction. To sum up my treatment so far.... I have recently been diagnosed with sarcomatoid metastatic renal cell carcinoma  with mets in my 7th rib (confirmed after the pathology of my right kidney and mass)


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Nov10, 2017 New MMMT Patient

Hi I have recently been Dx with clear cell carcinoma (CCC) of the uterus by frozen section.

Appendiceal Cancer

Hello.  I just joined today.  I am looking to connect with others who have appendiceal cancer.  My specific diagnosis is "adenocarcinoma with signet ring cell features arising in a goblet carcinoid of the appendix".  This is a rare cancer with only 600-1,000 diagnoses in the U.S. per year, and the signet ring cell features apparently indicate a poor prognosis. 



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