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colon cancer

I have heard alot about the after surgery effects, and wonder if surgery is needed, after chemo and radiation.  A holistic practicioner said to internally cure any residual cancer cells by using hemp oil or taheebo tea. Testimonials are very favorable after hemp oil, and/or taheebo tea.  It is well worth the try. 


breast cancer

I just had my second lumpectomy with nodes removed and I am anxiously waiting for the results.  I am supposed to start low dose Taxol soon. Anyone out there familiar with this please send me a note.  I am scared and anxious.


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Small intestinal


Endometrial Clear Cell Carcinoma

In the fall of 2017, I noticed spotting.  I am 69 years of age and had been in menopause for 14 years.  I contacted a reputable hospital in Baltimore to see what might be causing this.  They steered me to the Gynecological Oncology Center for an evaluation.  I was seen and the physician recomended a d&c.  The d&c was performed and he said "well there is no cancer, but if you start bleeding again, you'll need a hysterectomy.  I guess I was so happy that there was no cancer, i didn't ask the questions I should have.  6 months later, the bleeding started again.  I contacted the doctor

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Newbie on here but want to send positive vibes

OK. New here. Not sure what I should do. I was diagnosed with Liver cancer two years ago. My wonderful surgeon removed the large portion of my liver and I entered my first chemotherapy cancer free. Had a mild dose of Cisplatin and Gemzar. Did very well. Had an elderly husband at home so plenty to keep my mind busy. Two years later....now, my cancer has metastasized. Gosh, it pains me to have to even say that. Oh well, I'm fighting this one and joining here is one of those ways. Before I felt home-free. Just doing some mild chemo to prevent something showing up later.

Quercetin for Cancer Treatment

I have read that quercetin may help with side effects from chemo as well as be a beneficial treatment.  I have been using quercetin for awhile now and I do beleive that it does help.  I have been trying to read studies in medical journals and have found a few that look promising.  

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Here we go again

Got the biopsy results today.  It's back.  Growing outside my rectum and creating a blockage in my rectum.  The PET Scan also showed a spot in my lung that is 9 mm.  I am being sent to to Shands UF to a colorectal surgeon.  The tumor is 3.5 centimeters.  It is not a total blockage but I do have discomfort and difficulty with BM.  I have read a lot about the APR surgery.  I guess I will find out more when I go to Shands UF.  At this point, anything would be better than a total blockage.  Any experiences with recurrence appreciated.  My husband vis taking good care of me and we will enjoy our

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I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. I had a Desmoid tumor in my abdomen. My tumor was surgically removed in May of that year. In November 2014 I retired.

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To  other survivors with Multiple Myeloma. How do you fight the pain?


Starting R-ice next week and eventually AST.  Would like to hear other people experiences, side effects, ability to work. I did R-CHOP 8 years ago with no problems and even worked full time.  My oncologist didn't recommend attempting to work.  Thanks!


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