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"It's a Tumor" - December 2015

Hope these are helpful.  I appologize if they are out of order...  first time at this blogging thing! 



In my best Arnold voice, I said, "it's a tumor".  Too soon?

The beginning - Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

I am gong to post a series of blogs/stories. Not sure where to put them, but wanted to share in the even ANYONE benefits. I wrote them as time passed.  Sorry if they are out of order! This is from November 2015





Hello to all CSN Members,

I am in search of recommendations/suggestions that the community may be aware of regarding my discomfort with regard to bowel movements as detailed below:


  1. Diagnosed with CR Cancer Stage III on Jan 4th 2018. CT Scan and follow-up biopsies taken during Colonscopy confirmed Low Grade (Moderately-Differentiated) Adenocarcinoma




My name is Karen. I am a single mother with an 11 year old daughter.  I had a rare form of  thyroid cancer.  My treatment was intense (6 years ago) I am now left with no speech, swallowing problems, and breathing issues. I am currently on Disability. I still need to follow up with my oncologist every 6 months. 

I am trying to find others who suffer from the side effects of cancer treatment.  I see a lot of posts from people who are going through treatment......that is not where I am at.  

So many tests, so little time

Hello all,


First and foremost – THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSITIVE THOUGHTS, PRAYER AND SUPPORT!! It really does help!

The DNA testing came back “negative”, so I will probably be able to get away with a much smaller surgery. She even went so far as to say there is only 4.5% chance of occurrence on the other side.  VERY GOOD NEWS. 

Rib pain after radical nephrectomy

Thanks for everyone's postings, they are very helpful!

I am a healthy 45 yr old father of three wonderful boys. On a random CT scan they found a 12cm mass on my right kidney.  Three days later I had a radical nephrectomy.  Recovery seems slow and I now have pain in my ribs on my right side on my back.  


Does anyone remember having his type of pain four weeks after surgery? It feels like a broken rib and only showed up a week ago.

Blood counts

My husband had a stem cell transplant in March. His blood counts have plateaud. His platelets are never higher than 60. They have been in the same range for four weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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DBCL - Here we go

So, where to start?  Waiting too long?  Ignoring signs......  Yup that was the begining....  Until one day my leg was so swollen and painful that I had to go to the ER.  Never a good place to be unless you need them!  So, long and short get diagnosed with DBCL.  Learning more about the chemo and lab side than I ever wanted to know.

Elawoman IVF Success

ELA is the fastest growing Fertility and Reproductive healthcare facilitator and has consistently demonstrated high success rates and world-class treatment facilitation. Ela doesn't charge anything for its Services to its patients and all are services are free. Ela Guarantees to get you the best treatment possible well within your budget and from the most experienced doctor and healthcare provider.


I have had ultrasound, throat scope, CAT scan and finally needle biospy.  SquaaSquamous Cell Carcinoma was found.  I am waiting for a Pet Scan and it is not scheduled till next week.  I fell like every test takes a week to get scheduled and I am becoming more and more aprenhensive.


Is there anything to do to make things move faster.  The cancer would found in a Lymph Node in my neck and I feel like the longer this takes the worse the cancer is getting.


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