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Walk This Way

It was finally nice enough to go outside, so outside I went. I went to the park and took a walk. When I was there I noticed a giant flock of birds coming my way, pass me, then swoop around and it looked like they were coming right at me! They landed on the large expanse of grass in front of me. It was a pretty cool site, I'm glad I was there to witness it. Then they walked into the pool of water made by the recent snowfall, it looked like they were having a party. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time!


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Valentine's Day.

My boyfriend is in North Carolina and I'm in New York. This isn't a happy Valentine's day for me. I really didn't think I would be here this long. I just want to go home, I miss him so much. I miss being in our apartment. This isn't how things were supposed to go. Cancer f*cks up everything. No social media today for me.

adamycin/cytoxin, breast cancer,stage 1, 2007

<p>Last November I saw a cardiologist after having stress test and echo and discomfort in the chest and was told my ejection fraction was 15. I was told these drugs(given to me 4 times in 2wk intervals) weakened my heart, am now taking blood thinner and pill to try to get more efficiency out of heart, still weak i.e. climbing stairs and other physical labors. I am a 70 yr old female.</p>
<p>I was told by a nurse there is a class action on this application of drugs and would like to know more about it. Thankyou. Jan</p>

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Project: Staircase

My legs and hips feel worse today. It's extra tough to walk and go up and down the stairs, it takes me a good minute and a half to go up 13 steps. My parents say it's because of the weather. I hope that's the case. I'm allowed 1 alcoholic drink a day and I sincerely wish we had alcohol in the house. Just one of those days. On a positive note: Project Runway All-Stars is on tonight! This is a really good season.

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After several Mammograms and Ultrasounds showing calcifications in my left breast a Biopsy was recommended and i was diagnosed with Benign Flat Epithelial Atypia, High Risk and referred to a surgeon. I met with the surgeon and she wants to do an MRI in a couple of months once the Hematoma from the Biopsy has healed. She also wants the Atypia removed.

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My doctor's appointment went pretty much as expected. He confirmed that I am MRD- which is great. He didn't give me his final opinion on which course of treatment to take but he did give a third treatment option. I would take blinatumomab continuously for 28 days then start a 2-3 year maintenance program. My case is going to be presented at a conference on Thursday for majority opinion so I should be getting my doctor's final opinion next week. I met with the fertility nurse and she laid out options for every course of treatment.

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Firefly Lane

I'm reading a book called Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. I was really enjoying the book until the end when (SPOILER ALERT! Don't read the next part if you want to or are currently reading this book!) Katie gets a rare form of breast cancer that metastasized to her brain and now she's dying. It was kind of a shock and now I'm having a hard time finishing the book. I don't have that many pages left so I plan on powering through.

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Bath Time

Sometimes, you have to enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes, those little things make a huge impact. I took a bath tonight. I probably stayed in longer than I should have, but it was wonderful. While soaking in the tub, reading my book, it was just like when I didn't have cancer, I wasn't worried about my next doctor's appointment or whether or not I needed a bone marrow transplant. It was just me, in the tub reading my book. Who knew something as simple as a bath can be so healing?

Adenocarconoma in body of pancreas

Looking for pancreatic patients who have non retractable  tumors.  I’m currently doing chemo to try to shrink my 2.7 cm tumor located in the body of my pancreas.  


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