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This is the week.

Thursday is the big day. I'm terrified of all of it. I don't want to do any of this but I know I need to finish treatment to lessen the likelihood of relapse. Hopefully there's enough time for the ovarian tissue freezing. In 2 weeks from now I could possibly be starting the transplant process. This is crazy.

Urethra cancer

hi im new to this site. Wondering if anyone has Urethra cancer? I guess they also call it kidney cancer.  My husband has been diagnosed with urethra cancer, that is were it started , he had some stomach pain went to hospital, they started tested and found cancer in his kidney but said it started in his urethra tube.  Than they found a few small spots on his lung.  Than was last December.  The dr decided to give him platinum chemo which hits the kidney . My husband had diabetes, which doesn’t help.


Gleason 9

Hi , my father has prostate cancer stage 2 with Gleason 9 . It’s some chance to live with this score ? With treatme it’s the best after operation? 

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They said they found 2 possible international bone marrow donors that need further testing. I didn't think they would find anyone. This new makes the transplant more real and that's scary. If all goes well, they want to start the process at the end of the month. I have to decide if I want to do ovarian tissue freezing for a shot at having my own kids when the time comes. They let me know how good of a match those donors are next Thursday. And now we wait.

Waiting for the Mothership

i am now a caregiver to my beloved.  Never saw it coming.  Clean colonoscopy 2016 but “oops“ GI doctor missed it.  2018 digestive issues.  Beloved had complete bloodwork by GP to see if food intolerances and wbc and nothing odd found. GP congratulates beloved on being healthy.  Digestive issues persists. Beloved visits different GI specialists and the tumor is discovered partially blocking rectum.  Stage IIIC colorectal cancer. Six weeks chemo and radiation.  Next LAR with temp loop ileostomy.  Beloved asks surgeon in follow up when is the next CT scan.

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Book blog, maybe?

I think I'm going to start a blog about the books I read. I don't always remember what happens in some books and this would be a way to help that (plus, I've kind of always wanted to start a blog anyway! This doesn't count, it's more of an online journal). What's stoppin' me? Nothing. Now, I just have to figure out a name...

Endometrial cancer - grade 1

I am an 81 y/o female who was diagnosed with adenocarcioma of the endometrium - grade 1.  My life expectancy is around 84.

I am wondering if I should have surgery or opt for just radiation instead.  The reason I ask the question is  my age and health history

which is as follows:

(1) Post stroke - 10 years ago. Independent, Still drive,  but use a walker 

(2) COPD - mild  (3) Cataracts  (4) Rectocele  (5) Cystocele  (6) Hypertension  (7) Knees - bone-on-bone,

and now the cancer.

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I have to leave my home tomorrow for an undetermined amount of time. I'm so sad to leave, I wish I could stay here.

cancer and alcoholism. can i handle both?

my husband has stomach cancer and is going through chemo therap. he refuses to quit drinking. gets angry when I ask about it. not sure how to deal with watch someone i love hurt themselves. any advice? feeling very alone 


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