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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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My About Me Page Is Not Posting Everything

<p>How and when did you learn about your cancer?</p>
<p>....still not working. :(</p>

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My Journey

In Jan. 2019 I began to have discharge.  It started after a big 14 inch snow we had in mid-Missouri.  I thought I had hurt myself from the shoveling I had done.  At first thought I had did something to my kidney as I had blood when I went to urinenate.  Went tp GP and they checked, nothing there. I knew then I needed to see my gynecologist.  Family life had been up and down at this time for a couple of years.  Son was experiencing a very bad divorce.  I was the caretaker for my small granddaughter when he was at work.

Kidney Cancer Cryoabblation

I had a 3cm clear cell papillary Renal Carcinoma on my left kidney that was found by ultrasound of my abdomen and then I had an MRI which showed it even more clearly!  My Urologist who I was referred to sent me to a specialist to have Robotic kidney surgery to remove the mass, but since the mass was on the back upper outer wall of my kidney He said he would have to rotate my kidney clear around on its stem and that could damage the kidney where it would have to be removed completely!  He referrred me to a cryosurgeon!  The cryoablation was very successful in freezing the whole mass and kill

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Side effects of oral cancer post head and neck radiation and chemotherapy

Hii, i am a gastro intestinal surgeon from india. My wife was diagnosed with anterior left lateral border tongue cancer stage T3N1MO in october 2018. She was 28 when she was diagnosed. She underwent surgery which consisted of hemiglossectomy(removal of half tongue) + FRAFF (reconstructing the tongue with forearm skin) plus neck dissection. Post surgery she took total 54 gy radiotherapy and 3 cycles of 50mg each cisplatin. Her therapy got completed on 25 january 2019. 


My name is Kendall and when in August 2017 my mom called to tell me that she was BRCA2 positive and that I needed to go and get tested.  I had been home for 3 days since my honeymoon.  My mom found out the day after I left for my honeymoon and then I was gone for more than a month and she didn't want to tell me when I was on vacation.  I called my 2 sisters and my brother the next day to see how they were handling the situation and if they had gotten tested it.  My brother has yet to get the test done as of today.  My sisters thought that all 3 of us should go together and they had an appoi

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New info since my last entry

Right after my last entry my A1c started to rise. It went from 5.9 in July of 2018 to 8.9 in February 2020. I saw two different GPs before finding one that took this seriously. I've started on glimepiride in addition to the metformin. So far, so good! I can't have my chemo induced neuropathy get any worse!


The Journey-Cancer-Treatment-Chemo or No Treatment

February 2019-My Mom (82) was very anemic and tired. She has always been very active and healthy. Dr. ran tests. Colon cancer. Mom never had a colonoscopy. I encouraged her to have one over the years, but she refused. She always said, if there is something wrong, I don't want to know about it. April 2019-Surgery to remove the cancer. Tests showed no lymph nodes with cancer, it was stage one. Cancer free-pet scan. Over the next 6 months, tubular markers were going up but in the "safe" range. Then the numbers doubled, then tripled into the "not safe" range. MRI-scheduled February 2020.

Dad's colon cancer journey


My dad has colon cancer stage IV. I am his daughter, med student, 25 years old, and want to use this blog to update things about him.


27th Jan 2020 Colonoscopy: the colonoscopy was over when a tumorous process obstructed the lumen if the colon

5th Feb 2020 Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma, grade 2

7th Feb 2020 CT of thorax and abdomen. Doctor:"There is something in the liver"

12th Feb 2020 we got to know the treatment plan after the tumor board.

VIN 111

I was diagnosed with VIN 3 and have gone through two surgeries.  After my wide local excision, my stitches did not hold.  Can anyone tell me how long it takes to heal since there are no stitches to pull this area together.  My incision in near my bottom.  My doctor does not seem concerned and I am terrified.

Brain Cancer Cavernous Sinus Squamous Cell

I recently got good news.  On July 3, 2019 I had a crainiatomy at Baylor in Huston Texas.  On December 14. 2019 i finished my 9th Chemo Treatment and 33rd Radiation treatment.  On Jan 24, 2020 I had an MRI that showed the tumor substantially, if not completely gone.  In February 2020 I will be going for a pet scan to see if any cancer remains anywhere in my body.


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