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My day

So now that my blood pressure is running a little high I'm making a few changes to my diet.  I added salads (I'm not crazy about salads) and increased other veggies as well as fruits.  What's major for me is the cutting back on salt and in some instances not even eating salt.  I've always loved salt but it is time to get serious about these diet changes.  On top of having lung ca the last thing I need is to have a stroke (God forbid).  Anyway today has been very productive.  I did a lot of cooking, made a pot of soup, cooked some ribs and lima beans, rice and saute some chicken breasts to h


I had chemo and radiation in 2003 for colorectal cancer.

Now I have agressive neuropathy in both of my feet and legs.


I don't know how to live with this!

Shortness of Breath

Hello I am new at this so I hope this is the right place to write this blog.  I need to know if there is anyone with lung cancer taking Keytruda?  I am currently on my 7th treatment and since my last PET scan which showed the cancer hasn't spread Smile.  I have periods of shortness of breath sort of impromptu.  I'm wondering if anyone else experiences these side effects and how you handled them.  I use a rescue inhaler but most of the time I

15 years later

January 13, 2003 is a day that will go down in history engraved in my heart forever.  It is the day my mom lost her battle with cancer.  A battle that started in 1984.  A battle that has shaped my life and outlook on everything that happens to me and others.  


tongue cancer

Hi Everyone: Ive just been diagnosed with stage1 squamous cell carcinoma after a lesion on left underside of tongue removed. I will be getting PET scan his week, more tongue surgery, and willl also focus on raw vegan diet, use cannabis oil treatment, along with prayer/meditation, and positive attitude. I understand this is a very aggressive type of cancer, but I am going to fight this with all I have. Anyone with any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Those who have survived it longer than 5 years, please let me know what you have done/experienced.



My journey

Hello everyone. I am 42 and was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. A 13 cm mass on my left kidney. I had a radical nephrectomy on Dec 5th 2017. Pathology revealed stage 2 grade 3 clear cell carcinoma. I was terrified. I am scheduled for my first scan March 2nd and I am already on pins and needles.

I am hoping by joining this site I am able to connect with friends that can relate to and understand this crazy journey I am on that is now my life. Feel free to ask me anything.

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That girl who keeps fighting to feel good

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! If I could take the pain for others I so would. I finished my third painting in my series today and getting ready to draw out the fourth soon,.

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The News

On December 20, 2017 I got the call...yep, it's breast cancer!  I has gone for just a normal, everyday, routine Mammogram (I've had them consistenly for the last 6 years), but this time was different.  I got a persistent call back that I had to come in for an ultrasound.  I've had an ultrasound before, but the image looked differnt this time.  They quickly set me up with a biposy (via mammogram).  Dr. Huff was very honest with me, saying she's seen enough of these to feel very strongly that is was cancerous and would need a lumpectomy either way.

who I am

I am a retired oncology nurse. I still bear the national OCN oncology nursing certification. 

small cell lung cancer

I have just been given the news that I have SCLC,They are suggesting that I have surgery and remove a small PIE shape piece of my lung. I think that might be a good way for me to consider having the surgery done, However I was wandering is anyone has had this surgery and how are you doing withyour life syle after the surgery. I get all kinds of info and not sure which one to believe.


Thank You





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