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First round... ✔️

It’s been about two weeks since my first round of BEP/chemotherapy. it took me about a week to feel somewhat ok again. As I relax for the next few days and spend some quality time with family and friends over the holiday, I can’t help but think about my next round. On top of that, the scheduled orchiectomy.

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Alberta Winter Driving

For a taste go here:



Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma stage 4, Jaundice just started

Is there any procedure or past experience of any one about Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma stage 4,  in which a patient get cured? 

Is China good for consulting?

How is Fuda Hospital in China?

Patients age is 59.

What treatments are best to follow for a cure for that disease.

If any doctor says there's a cure than can any one tell me he's right or wrong?

Do Mayo clinic resolve this disease?

What are the expenses?

Please let me know.


Vin3 Diagnosis 10/2018

i am 58 years old and have recently been diagnosed with VIN3 and underwent a partial vulvectomy on 12/06/18.  I am anxiously awaiting the pathology report. Since I have been dealing with intermittent severe dysplasia since my early twenties.  First cervical now vulvar. My recovery has been challenging with issues with pain management and intermittent severe itching/burning and stabbing pains.  I am worried since my gyn oncologist assured me that after the surgery the itching/burning would be gone.  I have been using a peri bottle while urinating and frequent sitz baths which do help some.

Uterine cancer

I had been having a lot of gas and bloating for a long time, but because of a history of digestive problems, I attributed it to that. I had mentioned it to both my PCP and Gastro doctors and they more or less brushed my concerns aside. Finally in September my PCP ordered an abdominal ultrasound. The results were that my organs looked okay except they couldn't see my pancreas because of gas. Duh! Still concerned about the situation, I went to my gastro doctor again and she ordered an MRI the day before Thanksgiving.

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still fighting

About four years ago I started having some pain around my anus felt like trapped gas like I couldn't release the gas and it was hurting. I would just figure out ways of releasing the gas and after a little while the pain would stop so a year-and-a-half went by and I figured that's all it was the pain is not constant. Well about two years after that started I started bleeding and I've always had kind of small bowel movements. And that being one of the signs I didn't pay attention to that either. But when the blood started then I knew something was going on.

All is not lost... Every Day is a Good Day

I was diagnosed with stage 1 small cell lung cancer in June of 2009 At the age of 61... AND I'm still kicking!  I just want to share that the statistics, though depressing, do not always apply. My diagnosis was a result of a clumsy fall at my friends cottage when I had a little too much liquid cheer. I broke three ribs as a result and the X-ray revealed a "shadow" on my lung.  I was hospitalized because of my broken ribs. Long story short, after a bunch of tests and a biopsy the cancer was diagnosed.

Esophageal cancer

Newbie/ Partner

Hello everyone,


My boyfriend just got diagnised of esophegeal cancer involving part of his stomach.  Right now they are staging to see if it is surviveable or it has metastized so  it will become stage four then.  Can you survice stage four?  Should we go for a second opinion?   Oncologist says if it stage four he wont get surgery and they wil give him chemo but not the full amount.  

colon cancer

I have heard alot about the after surgery effects, and wonder if surgery is needed, after chemo and radiation.  A holistic practicioner said to internally cure any residual cancer cells by using hemp oil or taheebo tea. Testimonials are very favorable after hemp oil, and/or taheebo tea.  It is well worth the try. 



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