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Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for but the evidence not yet seen

I am now 1 year out of treatment from stage II metastic breast cancer on the left side. I have had massages and cupping and alot of faigue but mostly I have fear of recurrence. I was with my husbands 24 year old daughter when she passed from non hodgekins and found the tumor during her treatments. Grieving and diagnosis put me in a spiral. Our family had gone through so many changes from the grief that it feels sometimes that I'm surviving on my own. My Faith is sometimes a struggle even when the news is great. They call it PTSD.

My weird cancer

I am 36 years old and I was diagnose with a common thyroid cancer but also a very rare cancer in my neck called a immature teratoma. I went through one week of chemo and had to stop bc it almost killed me. I've had 5 blood transfusions. I am also a dialysis patient making things more complicated. It's just me and my mom and we have it financially hard. I can't work and it irrates me that I can't help with household expenses. I get ssi but it's not enough. We need a cheaper place but can't find any.

It's all about perspective

I sit here at work and deal with other people's problems daily.  I am a case manager that helps homeless people connect to services that they need. Then, I go home to a wife with cancer. It's not a regular cancer--not breast cancer, not lung cancer, not skin cancer. It's not one that plagues people that you meet daily. It's a rare one--gallbladder cancer.

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I more or less have a return date to go back to NC. I'm both excited and nervous about it.

After the cancer

I was diagnosed in May of 2017. I had my biopsy on my youngest child's 16th birthday. I kept it quiet (just my husband and 2 friends knew) until I got the actual diagnosis. Then i told my whoile family and went into attack mode. There weere MANY doctor's appointments and decsions- mastectomy? Breast sparing surgery? Leave from work. I ended up with the partiaal mastectomy and bilateral reconstruction.I lost a few lymph nodes. I took 2 weeks only off from work. Once the drains were out, I was working ( I have  desk job as a nurse case manager). I needed to.

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New Here....need advice...esophogus scare


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38....was a smoker 15 years..quit this year..light smoker....drinker, beer and shots, once a week or so...drink alot of coffee/caffeine

hope,faith and survivor

I dont know who  will read this I just hope it would help someone keep fighting.  My Name is Mary on September 2010 I lost my mother to GI cancer we had ups and downs but she always had the right words to say to me .

Radiation as an infant in 1959

I was radiated as a 3 month infant for an enlarged thymus gland In 1959 and received three treatments. In 1972 I was daignosed with malign thyroid cancer and most all of thyroid removed. Then at age 42 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I recen had an episode of transient blindness which lasted only a few minutes. I was referred to a Cardiologist because it could be high risk of stroke. Cardiologist, the only doctor I have ever been to, paid a great deal of attention when I mentioned being radiated as an infant. So the next few weeks I will be doing some testing. I am pretty concerned.

My name is because of my shoes!

I am a lover of beautiful things.  Never meant to brag.  I would never do that.  but I do love the finer things in life.  I have been blessed to a certain extent to have such wonderful parents, who came from nothing and built "something" and left me wanting for not much at all.  I am definitely blessed in that way.


Healthwise, not so good.  I guess everything is a trade-off.  Frown



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