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Streble's blog

50 years, cancer free

It has been 50 years now, since my battle with cancer of the larynx. It was 1959 and I was six years old. I had only attended 1st grade for two days when I was rushed to the hospital because of suffocating. The doctor had been treating me for asthma as the tumor was growing. I was treated with surgery, radiation and chemo until the end of 1960 and I have led a great and full life. I am fortunate to have such amazing parents. Jim Valvano said "Never give up" and my parents did everything they could for me then, in 1059-60. I was the victim and they are the heroes in this story. I recently wrote a book about my memories of that period in my life, 'Hello Cancer...Remember ME?' can be seen on the PublishAmerica web sight.

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