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Coming Unglued - January 2016

I hope these posts are helpful to someone.  They are a little diary of my journey.  I am trying to post them in order.  First time blogger. 


So, my appointment for the biopsy came pretty fast. Sally Jobe ladies were doing what they could to squeeze me in anywhere at any time. That alone was a little nerve wracking. Everywhere I went with this group, the people were friendly and the service was excellent.  They walked me though all of it.  They were helpful and anytime I looked lost, there was someone there to let me know where to be/go. 


"It's a Tumor" - December 2015

Hope these are helpful.  I appologize if they are out of order...  first time at this blogging thing! 



In my best Arnold voice, I said, "it's a tumor".  Too soon?

The beginning - Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

I am gong to post a series of blogs/stories. Not sure where to put them, but wanted to share in the even ANYONE benefits. I wrote them as time passed.  Sorry if they are out of order! This is from November 2015




So many tests, so little time

Hello all,


First and foremost – THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSITIVE THOUGHTS, PRAYER AND SUPPORT!! It really does help!

The DNA testing came back “negative”, so I will probably be able to get away with a much smaller surgery. She even went so far as to say there is only 4.5% chance of occurrence on the other side.  VERY GOOD NEWS. 

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