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New info since my last entry

Right after my last entry my A1c started to rise. It went from 5.9 in July of 2018 to 8.9 in February 2020. I saw two different GPs before finding one that took this seriously. I've started on glimepiride in addition to the metformin. So far, so good! I can't have my chemo induced neuropathy get any worse!


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It's been over a year since I've blogged.

Next month it will be four years since I had my hysterectomy. So far; so good! I went in yesterday for a bone density test and have an appointment with my doctor next month to go over the results. I'm still dealing with the neuropathy in my feet but the CBD oil has really helped. I also see a massage therapist who works on my feet and legs and I think that also helps. She told me my feet feel like "bricks." LOL, I think that's a good description. My husband loves to go to the beach but walking in sand is so hard on me and I've tried all different kinds of beach shoes.

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Back in Wisconsin

We left Florida June 10th and made it back to Wisconsin on the 12th.  We had a one-night layover in Green Bay where we loaded up my husband's truck and my SUV and off we went.  Unfortunately, I had one of my little "spells" where I got lost on our way back.  I have been driving that route for almost 30 years and all of a sudden, I "woke" up and had no idea where I was.  Luckily, I saw a road sign and recognized it - I was miles out of my way.  From there I was able to go back and figure out how to get to our lake home.  When I have these "spells" it's always been when I'm tired and under pr

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Still in Florida

I'm still in Florida and two months behind on my six-month checkup.  I've been going back and forth whether to find a doctor here in Florida, go back to my clinic in Green Bay (my GP left) or find a GP in northern Wisconsin where we have our lake house and will spend the summer. 

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Making Some Decisions

Last September I received a letter from my oncologist/gynecologist that said neither he, nor his PA would no longer be able to see me since I was not in "active treatment."  In February of 2017 he lost one of his two PAs.  She found out she had a brain tumor in January and died about a month later.  Without her, he could no longer continue seeing the number of patients he had been seeing (I never saw him again after he took out my port - I always saw one of his PAs).  Anyway, the letter said to find a gynecologist or ask your GP if they felt competent to do the vaginal exam, check lymph nod

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Two years NED

It's two years ago today that I had my hysterectomy.  My oncologists/gynecologist thought he got it all so I consider myself to have No Evidence of Disease from that day forward.  He did not remove any lymph nodes since he did not see any that looked suspicious.  I had chemo as a preventative since I had UPSC but he did not recommend any kind of radiation.  I made it through three chemos before I was close to dying.  It adversely affected every organ of my body and I am still dealing with some of those issues today BUT I am alive!  I had my checkup last Thursday and was told to come back in

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Tomorrow is my three-month oncology check up

I went in for blood tests yesterday for some previous chemo-related problems my GP has been watching.  Everything looked great.  My GP sent me a message today that I am recovering nicely from the chemo side effects but I should continue on the metformin.  I see my oncologist's PA tomorrow.  I'm assuming she will be a check the vaginal cuff, ask me how I'm doing, poke around my neck, under my arms and my groin looking for swollen lymph nodes and ask me how I'm feeling.  Truthfully, the past three weeks, I have felt GREAT.

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Saw my GP this week

I saw my GP this week.  It was her first day back on the job after being off for three months with a knee replacement but she still took the time to answer my questions and talk a bit.

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Acupressure has been working

I'm still going to see my acupressurist and I think it's working!  The fingers on my left hand are pretty much back to normal.  My right hand still has some numbness going on with the pointer finger and thumb but again, it seems to be getting better.  Still some numb toes on the left foot too.

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One year and still NED from Stage II, Grade 3 Uterine Cancer!

I had my one year checkup on October 5, 2016 and I'm still showing no evidence of disease.  My oncologist's PA was going to order a CA125 but then saw the notes that said it doesn't work for me.  It was 8 when I was diagnosed so she just skipped it.  She said if I start showing any new symptoms, give them a call, otherwise, she'll see me in three months.  


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