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7 Questions to Avoid Asking Cancer Patients

Supporting or taking care of a cancer patient is a noble thing to do.  This is even more honorable when the person is a loved one. But you need to avoid asking certain questions which can make her/him feel uncomfortable.  Remember, this is a difficult time; any simple impoliteness can lead to anger, frustration, or sadness.

Overcome cancer through spirituality and meditation

As cancer statistics and deaths continue to increase more and more patients are looking for alternatives to take along with the conventional therapies. Among alternative approaches used to fight the disease include spirituality and meditation. Studies have found they indeed work.

Blueberries Kill Cancer Cells and Reduce Tumor Size

Numerous studies have shown that at least one third of cancers would be linked to the kinds of food that we habitually eat. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, our diet plays an important role in developing certain  cancers. Data even show that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables divides the risk in half; that’s more effective than any conventional prevention method.

Ensure and Boost May Be Harmful To Cancer Patients

Ensure and Boost, the two most popularliquid nutritional supplements recommended to cancer patients, may worsen their situation due to certain ingredients they contain.

Watercress and Cancer

Numerous studies have found an ingredient in watercress can prevent and fight many types of cancer. Dietary intake in of isothiocyanates (ITC) can reduce the risk of cancer development as well as inhibit the reproduction of cancerous cells, a recent study has demonstrated.

Anti-cancer Properties of Watercress

Ovarian Cancer New Therapy Appraoch

Despite billions of dollars spent over the past decades on research, ovarian cancer still has high mortality rates. This indicates that scientists need a new and better approach to fight it by targeting its initiation through the stem cells, Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs).

Damaging Effects of Cancer

My Cancer History

I consider I was one of the happiest people on earth. I had friends all over the country and abroad. I had my fiancée for whom I wrote all my poems, love songs. We were so deeply in love that the first time I finished making love with her, I remember holding the front door and screamed of joy.

And then cancer came…

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