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Brief Creative Update

The entries for this year's Sassy Cups are now in and posted online. As I wrote at the end of this post, I had been asked to design a bra for Citrus Aid. This marks Citrus Aid's first time entering the event.

Here's my entry:

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My prior post included blank coloring sheets that I had drawn for my Creativity Heals group. I've now filled mine in:

Large size
Blank sheet (can be downloaded and printed)

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Numbers Game

Back in March, my partner and I had walked into our hospital's old satellite blood draw facility about a mile from home. She needed routine tests done. We were told then and there about the change in procedure due to our hospital's acquisition. We could go to a different, stand-alone facility about 15 miles away or continue to use the hospital's satellite facility if we wanted to pay close to 50 times as much.

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At the beginning of last week I delivered a hefty pile of papers to my GP's office. Whenever I have a test or procedure done I put her name down to receive the results, but that often doesn't happen. One reason why I obtain my own records (and scan them into my computer, with backups) is to let me correct whatever disconnects occur.

I slapped on a cover memo that said (with some changes made here for privacy):

Attached please find the following:

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Trigger Toe and Other Tales

I went to my August 4 oncology appointment with a full sheet of questions, divided into the important issues I wanted to raise and the "if there's time" questions. The last of my important issues read, "Infrequently (maybe once/twice a month) and prior to my start on weight-bearing exercises, wriggling of toes results in a cramp in which the right big toe gets locked in the downward position and must be pulled up/massaged until the cramp passes (a minute or two). This did not happen prior to treatment and does not happen in the left foot. Muscular, not joint pain.

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"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

The odd thing about the type of cancer I had, what makes it so surreal for me, is that at no point did I feel the effect of the disease itself -- only the treatments. This is far different from those cancers that loudly announce themselves with palpable symptoms.

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The Other C Word

I count myself lucky in that I had never vomited while on chemo. It took a carrot to make me do that. One raw carrot.

I've never had any problems with carrots, raw or cooked, in the past. But this one sent me on an approximately 30-hour odyssey of severe stomach cramps and the inability to keep anything down, solid or liquid.

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Blogging Challenge Accepted!

"We are all about so much more than cancer," writes Nancy Stordahl in her entry, "15 Random Facts & A Blogging Challenge Too!" Inspired by this list from her friend Melissa, Nancy posted her own 15 random facts, then challenged her readership to do the same. So did Beth Gainer.

*waves hands wildly* Here I am! My list follows, plus a blanket challenge to whoever wishes to join in.

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At my most recent Healthy Living class, the facilitator asked me what kept me motivated to meet my weekly goals as well as I have. I smiled, looked her in the eye, and said, "Anger."

She said, "That was not the answer I was expecting."

I assured her that this was anger in a good sense. I am angry at cancer. I am angry at the side effects I'm dealing with. My anger drives me to fight against both, determined that I will not let them get to me.

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Leaps of Faith

I posted this on Facebook last week:

Broke in my new weighted vest by adding 5 lbs. and walking for 30 minutes on my manual treadmill set at a 10-degree incline. That was one good schvitz. :-) Adding the vest was my only treadmill change. Need to do one more week of the Better Bones and Balance program before I add it there. Osteopenia picked the wrong dude* to mess with.


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