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If a Port Falls in the Forest, Is That a Data Point?

I will soon switch from taking 15 mg. of Xarelto twice/day to taking 20 mg. once/day. As I've written before, I am on blood thinner to treat the clot (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) caused by my chemo port.

Picking up the new pills kept me up that night, but only because I couldn't get this visual pun out of my head:

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One of the advantages of posing the same question to different doctors on my medical team is that I get to peek through their respective lenses. (My lens is that of a layperson, so I present my doctors' info as I best understand it. Any errors in interpretation are my own.)

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Six of One, and On the Third Hand...

Due to my port-associated blood clot, my medical oncology appointment was moved up from February 9 to January 22. I brought with me the documents I had downloaded from my hospital's patient portal, the CD of my ultrasound images, and the hospital's report to my GP. They had sent me a hardcopy of the report, which I then scanned into my computer.

My oncologist's assistant had already snagged the patient portal documents, but the ultrasound CD came in handy. He transferred those files to his laptop.

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New Normal Redux

In the days following my hospital discharge for a port-associated blood clot, I've added to my To Do list and have been checking off the tasks.

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That Was Quick (Go-Bag's Maiden Voyage)

Four days after I posted my entry on my ER Go-Bag, I had to use it. Or, as one of my nurses put it, "That's spooky."

On Friday, two days after I posted the entry, I spotted a bruise-like skin discoloration on my right side, level with my breasts. It was about the size of a quarter but it wasn't painful or tender. I figured I had inadvertently bumped into something and left it at that. Later on I noticed other skin discolorations on my torso, which looked more like stretch marks.

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Go Bag/Thoughts on a Commercial

Happy New Year, everyone!

1. Go Bag

Thanks to the need to reach a minimum purchase on a good sale to get free shipping last month, I ordered a decent-sized fanny pack. I have tasked that fanny pack with being my hospital emergency go-bag.

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On Thursday night I grabbed my camera and tripod and took a jaunt around the neighborhood. We have a Christmas Full Moon coming up, but Christmas night is forecast to be cloudier than tonight. Better strike while the shutter release is hot!

The Moon is about 10 hours prior to Full at the time of this shot. Its features are veiled, but I could still spy a bit of detail:

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Unite and Conquer

On Dec. 5 I celebrated my first full year after completing active treatment (lumpectomy/chemo/radiation) and the end of my first year on anastrazole (at least four more years to go). I still deal with fatigue and vertigo, along with increased carpal tunnel syndrome flare-ups.

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First, a quick update. My quarterly appointment with my oncologist went well. We agreed that as long as I can manage my carpal tunnel exacerbations, no changes need to be made. But if conditions worsen, he wants to make sure that I indeed have CTS, which would mean getting tested by a neurologist. (I had been diagnosed with CTS based on plain physical observation by a nurse back in the early 90s, which confirmed my self-diagnosis.) We can also try switching my AI, but I told him I'm not ready to cry uncle on the anastrazole yet.

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On Thursday, November 5, 2015, I was the same age to the day that my mother had been when she died.

Heart disease and diabetes had killed her.  My vitals there have been fine, thank goodness, but those were the diseases on my radar when cancer hit me out of the blue last year. 


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