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Chemo Round II 10/12/12

Wow, guess I forgot a few things about chemo, it was a 7 hour infusion day, and went very well. Tonight I put on my California gloves and they just don't quite do the trick, the feeling of frost bitten fingers came to mind as a way to describe it.
I made dinner tonight and went about my first bite, the jaw pain was incredible, I kid you not, I saw stars, it was intense, I remember it hurting the first time around the Oxy, but this time was way more pain. Christine said she dropped to her knees from her jaw pain and today I can say I totally understand that!!!
Then I decided to go to Jennie's page as I thought about her a lot today, and then tears came to my eyes when I got to her page, I had also apparently forgot that crying hurts like crazy too. I ended up holding my hands to my eyes to press on them and ease the pain, it didn't, that was worse then the jaw pain.

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Surgery 12/20/2010

We spent the night in a motel so we wouldn't have to worry about getting up to Stanford in time for my surgery. We slept very well, morning came a bit too soon.
Got to the hospital and was tagged on each wrist (guess this makes it easier for the nurses, no matter what side of your bed their on, they can see your wrist band).
Finding a vein for the IV wasn't easy. The anesthesiologist finally got a vein ultra sound
machine (who knew they had such things) in order to find a vein. Pretty soon his superior
came in (the person actually doing my anesthesia) and was trying at the other arm. After about 20 minutes one was found. Yea!!


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